outfit du jour: long haired child

Jeans: City Streets, $2., Shirt: Thrifted, $1., Scarf: Thrifted, $2., Vintage Jacket: Thrifted, $1., Vintage Hat: Thrifted, $5., Sunglasses: from Rugged Wearhouse (no brand), $3., Vintage Bag: Thrifted, 75 cents, Fringed Belt: Thrifted: 50 cents, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, $100.

This is the great ring from Born Pretty. There's some more details about it in the text below.

This outfit might be as close to my 'true' style as I'll ever get. I've always had a thing for '70s fashion and though it's not always the way I dress, it's probably how I feel most comfortable dressing. There's just something really unique about it and I feel like it's easy to make an impact with. I also want to show you this great ring that was sent to me from the kind folks at Born Pretty. It's a really simple, slender little band, but I absolutely love it. I've been wearing it almost every day since they sent it because it goes with absolutely everything. I usually wear it on my thumb. I love thumb rings but it's hard to find one that fits because I have tiny fingers and this one is absolutely perfect. I'd definitely recommend checking out their web store. They have sooooo much jewelry, it's all inexpensive and so cute and can be styled so many ways. They also offer free shipping around the world!  Also, they gave me a code just for you guys, so you can get 10% off anything you order!!! Just type in "MNT10" when you check out! They sent me a couple of other great pieces as well and I'm really looking forward to getting to wear them in and show them to you soon! I'm still working on detail shots, but things are only gonna get better from here on out. So excited to be blogging again!

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