Thursdays are for Thrifters, March 23, 2017: Thrift Haul Vlog with Jaime, Pt. 2

Here's the second installment of thrift finds with Jaime. Vintage, Free People, fun boho prints, and lots more great deals! Product Reviews: Yellow Velvet Mini Dress and Chokers Galore

Today's post isn't about thrifting. Shocking, isn't it? Instead, I'm showing off and reviewing a few little treasures sent to me from, an online retailer that focuses on low, wholesale, priced, goods. They have a little bit of everything, but when they recently contacted me and asked me to pick out some pieces to review, of course I went straight for the clothes and jewelry. While I was lucky enough to get these pieces for free, they're incredibly affordable. They ship from China, which can sometimes be a nightmare as far as shipping times go, but these items arrived in less than three weeks. Here's a quick look at what they sent me!

Dress: (free), Robe: Thrifted, Vintage from Victoria's Secret, 50 Cents. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Pixie Patch Wedges, from eBay, apx. $40. Thrifted hat, 50 Cents. Thrifted Sunglasses by Dr. Peepers, 50 Cents. Thanks to Indi of IndiPhoto for snapping a quick iphone pic of me in this dress.

Super Mini, Yellow Velvet Dress: This dress is SHORT. I'm talking it's almost of a tunic, short. I'm 4'10, so if it's this is short on me, it's going to be obscene on taller girls. Cute, vibey, very soft, but almost too short to wear as a dress (you can see above how I tried). I definitely would not recommend wearing this without tights. I wanted to show you just how short it was, so I went sans-tights in the photo and darkened it a bit to obscure the um...personal nature of the picture😍. I would say to buy this with the intention of wearing it as a tunic with tights underneath. The fact that it's so current and soft is what saved this dress and made it something I'll keep in my closet. I would also recommend going up a size because this is a pretty tight fit.

 Various Chokers: I requested one set of ten various chokers and one silver and faux turquoise one I fell in love with when perusing the website. For the price you pay for these, they're more than sufficient. I will say though, that the tattoo style choker broke when I tried to put it on. But overall, they were serviceable. Some of the fasteners are a little hard to work and many of them are on the opposite side you would expect, making it difficult to fasten for right-handed people (I'm trying to overlook this cause I'm sure left handed people think the same thing every time they put on a necklace). So, serviceable, sufficient, cute, current, styles.

I tried to wear all of the chokers this week and snapped some quick selfies so you could seem them on.

You can get these looks at ToSave and  be sure to visit their sister site, Rose Hair Extensions.

*****Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Dress and necklaces provided by for review purchases. Opinions and reviews are not influenced by provider. *****

Thrift Haul with Jaime: Part One

I filmed this thrift haul with my friend Jaime a while back and today it's going out into the world. Lots of vintage bags, Anthro, cozy sweaters, and long dresses in this one!

Thursday Evenings are for Thrifters: Goodwill Outlet Haul Part 4

It's week four of my Goodwill Outlet Haul series and I've got some great finds in this video including an amazing, huge Free People bag (yeap, that was 30 Cents!). Scroll along to see pictures of each item in the video.

Mossimo bag, 30 Cents.

Everly dress, 30 Cents.

Macrame bag, 30 Cents.

Mossimo beret, 30 Cents.

Free People bag, 30 Cents.

Faux Fur Sample, 30 Cents.

Mossimo Macrame bag, 30 Cents

Rue 21 skirt, 30 Cents.

Silver Belt, 30 Cents.

Allen B skirt, 30 Cents.

Ecote bag, 30 Cents.

Elephant print kaftan, 30 Cents.

Vintage Basket Purse, 30 Cents.

Charming Charlie scarf, 30 Cents.

Fridays are for Thrifters Too! Goodwill Outlet Haul Part 3

Fridays are for Thrifters too. Scroll along to see some of my recent Goodwill outlet finds. 20 items for $6!

Ann Taylor Sweater, 30 Cents
Arizona Velvet Burnout Tank, 30 Cents.
Bell Sleeve Dress, 30 Cents
Plaid Hooded Shirt, 30 Cents
Mossimo Sweater, 30 Cents.
Pajama Top Cut into Vest, 30 Cents.
Mossimo Fuzzy Sweater, 30 Cents.
Cedar Creek Open Back Top, 30 Cents.
Bell Sleeve Sweater Dress, 30 Cents.
Charlotte Russe Sequin Cardigan, 30 Cents.
Umgee Top, 30 Cents.

Sequin Tank Top, 30 Cents.
Vintage Silk Scarf, 30 Cents.
Pajama Top, 30 Cents.
Zara dress, 30 Cents.
Sequin Scarf, 30 Cents.
Plaid Mossimo Shirt, 30 Cents.
Black Furry Hat, 30 Cents.
Forever21 Kimono, 30 Cents.
Vintage 90s Clutch, 30 Cents.