outfit du jour: young americans

Alright...2014. Back to blogging (fingers crossed). I've been thinking a lot about why I still want to do this blog and what it is that I want to get across. I think I just want to show people that it's entirely possible to have your own style, like what you're wearing and not spend a ton of money. Almost everything I own I've either picked up in thrift stores (probably 70% of my wardrobe) or gotten on a deep discount. Very, very rarely I'll invest in something more expensive (this Christmas I decided to use the money I got as gifts to invest in a few pairs of quality shoes that I see myself wearing for years to come). So, this is the first outfit I've taken photos for with that in mind. I hope to take outfit photos as often as possible and I've got a few ideas rattling around that I'd really like to try to execute as part of my blog, so for now, a new outfit for an old blog with a new start. And I think I want to continue my tradition of using song titles for each outfit. 

By the way, I'm lucky enough to get to team up with Dress Lily to give away a piece of their unique jewelry, so be sure to see my last post to sign up for that.

Faux-Fur Hat: Thrifted, $4. Tunic: Thrifted, (Sugarlips) $2. Black/Gold Metallic Jeans: Bisou, Bisou, $8. Gold Boots: Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal, $25.

I love this outfit. I actually wore it twice just because I wanted to make sure I got pictures of it. It's a weird mixture but something about it seems to work. It's kinda of Ziggy Stardust meets Rolling Thunder Review or something. 
Suede, faux-fur trimmed coat: Thrifted, $15.

P.S.-I'm linking up over at Simply Lulu because her Friday link ups are all about things you love and I love that I'm returning to the blogosphere!


  1. I totally love the hair! I'm following you :)


  2. LOVE this look Maegan! You absolutely can't go wrong with an homage to Ziggy Stardust. You look as cool every bit as cool as Janis Joplin. Yeah...I'm getting that vibe too.
    Okay, I need to get my fur hat out that I never wear and come up with something awesome like this. Actually, I could rock this look back in my teens/20's with my long curly hair...not so much now though. ha

  3. How great are those leather pants!

    Cha Cha