outfit du jour: heart of the city

Glitter Hat: Thrifted, $1., Layering Top: Old Navy, $2., Navy Blue Velvet Blouse: Thrifted (Basic Editions) $5., Lace Bell Bottoms: Thrifted (Moda International), $5. Bag: Thrifted (Zara Girl), 75 cents. Shoes: Secondhand Jeffrey Campbell Litas, $60.

I firmly believe that you can't attend a New Year's Eve event and not wear something sparkly. Of course, I like to wear something sparkly pretty much everyday but how can you NOT on NYE? This was my first New Year's in Nashville and we went to hear some of our favorite bands play (including one we recently did a session with for my other website---Nashville Written Record). I found these amazing Moda International white, lace bell bottoms on a trip to the Goodwill when my mom was in town for Christmas (I know, right? Who gives these to Goodwill???). Anyway. I was super psyched about them because they were the perfect pants to wear with my very first pair of Litas, which are turquoise suede and I bought myself for Christmas because I have been drooling over them for years and I never, ever spend that kind of money on things. Needless to say, they're every bit as wonderful as I imagined and were the perfect NYE shoes. 

I ended up pairing the pants with this navy blue velvet, peasant blouse which I got at the same Goodwill earlier in the year (probably the best one in town, but Nashville has some fantastic Goodwills). I'd been waiting to break out that top and am glad that I turned it into my NYE shirt because it always feels like you need to wear something a little special on NYE. To get some sparkle in the outfit, I added the silver hat (from the same Goodwill-99 cents), and this Zara Girl purse from the Goodwill outlet (75 cents). I know it's Zara Girl, but it's an amazing purse, and really if I hadn't told you, would you have known it was from the girls' collection?

 This outfit is almost entirely thrifted. I go to thrift stores *all* the time. In fact, I'm starting to think I might be a little too good at thrifting because I can pretty much always find the really amazing pieces. It's like a treasure hunt and I'll be sharing a lot about that here. On Thursday we'll be doing 'Thursdays are for Thrifters,' a link up where you can share thrifted finds or outfits you've put together with something you've thrifted so get excited! It was always my favorite day of the blogging week and I can't wait to get it started again. Make sure you come back by on Thursday to participate!

As for this outfit, I love how these pictures in front of the curtain turned out, but I wish you could see the details on this shirt a little better. I'll work on that though. I have a new photographer (Hi Matt-XO), so we're kind of experimenting with photo taking right now, but we'll have it down to a science soon. 

I'm going to start doing close ups of accessories and jewelry too cause I feel like those are always a really big part of my outfits. Getting there, little by little. 

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DANCE BREAK---I don't know what the eff I was doin' in this picture. Whatever!

Here's the video we did with Music Band, who we went to hear on New Year's Eve, because I love them!


  1. I say, "The more glitter, the better!" Hats off to you for putting together such a fab, thrifty and environmentally-friendly look! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  2. I forgot to wear something sparkly NYE! At least I had a velvet vest on, so I guess that'll do. You rocked those pants and can I say those green shoes are unexpected but awesome.

  3. Great thrift finds, you wear them well!
    And I'm like you - I totally love anything and everything sparkly year round!

  4. You look stunning - I'm especially in love with those lace bell bottoms!!


  5. what a perfect NYE outfit! i love those pants on you and they are perfect with the velvet top!

  6. Loving those pants and how you styled this look

  7. Definitely, what is NYE without the sparkle and this was a great outfit for the occasion Stopping by from #thriftersanonymous - Happy Hump Day!