Start Your New Year with New Jewelry from Dress Lily!

Things are underway again at Brass in Pocket in 2014, so I decided to team up with Dress Lily to do a new giveaway for the new year! I love Dress Lily because they have a huge variety of products and a lot of pieces that are really different (and I like weird stuff, duh!). From goldfish earrings to lace chokers, they've got something for everyone's tastes. I had a tough time narrowing it down, but I picked out six items that I love. Pick out your favorite piece, leave me a comment with an email address letting me know which one you like best and telling me how you subscribe to the blog. Be sure to like Dress Lily's Facebook page and for an extra entry, like Brass in Pocket's Facebook page too!

What you could win...(OR you can choose anything up to a $15 value from Dress Lily's free shipping product list.

A pair of adorable, '60s-inspired daisy earrings. I'd pair these with a mod, mini dress, a floral maxi or a black turtleneck and beret.

Check out the earrings, a $3.99 value, here.

A set of three cage style rings, perfect for any tough girl (or just anybody who understands the importance of a leather jacket in your wardrobe). I'd pair these with a leather jacket and moto boots or even with a pastel floral dress and some Doc Martens, to give it a little edge.

See the rings, which retail for 3.28, here.

Gold ear cuff with triangle chain and attached hair comb. What's not to love about this? Pull your hair into a sleek ponytail and wear this with a simple sweater and jeans to add a little interest.

See this great ear/hair piece, which costs $3.72, here.

A way too cool for school star burst '60s-lookin', heavy chain necklace. I like things that are gaudy and obnoxious but still cool and this necklace is IT. Wear it with your little black dress for a night out!

Check out more details of this great necklace, a $14.63 value, here.

A super pretty amber colored stone with beautiful gold lattice work. Pair this with some mega-flared bell bottoms and a flowy tunic for a great '70s look a la Rachel Zoe!

See more about this great necklace, which costs $6.14, here.

Last but not least, a little ancient Egyptian inspiration in the form of a gorgeous, gold cuff that I would wear with a black sleeveless top and skinny jeans!

See more about this awesome cuff, a $9.63 value, here.

Which of these great Dress Lily products do you want???

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