outfit du jour: black eyed susan

Yesterday it was so dark and overcast that I had a really hard time getting decent pictures. That and these new shoes I bought absolutely kill my feet and I didn't want to wear them longer than it took to snap a couple pictures-which are horrible, I'm sorry. I'm planning on talking about these shoes (and a couple more pairs) in tomorrow's Thursdays are for Thrifters, so if you love shoes, make sure you stop back by!

Jeans: Tyte Jeans, $20., Plaid Shirt: I Heart Ronson, apx. $30., Vintage Sweater: Thrifted, $5.

These photos are from last year, but I wanted to show you the details on the sweater.

Earrings: Carole, Inc., set of three for $4.

Necklace: F21, $4.

Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Ring: F21, $3.

Bag: Urban Outfitters, $48.

Shoes: Nine West, $12.


  1. Love the detail on the sweater. I hate when new shoe hurt your feet.

  2. you made it work! As always, love your hair. I'm battling the overcast today!

  3. Ooooooooh nice amber-coloured jewellery!!!!

  4. Love the sweater details and I love trouser jeans they make everything chic. Still growing out the doo so I can get a spiral perm...

  5. I love the sweater detail is just gorgeous. And your hair is beautiful lady.

    <3 Marina

  6. oh i love the replacements do you? or do you only like paul westerberg in his solo music? i read his wife's book, of course i can't remember her name, & the book title. anyway it was interesting. wish i could send some sunshine your way meagan.

  7. Aw man, love the sequined details on the shoulders, also those shoes are adorable!