outfit du jour: one for another

I am just not having any luck taking pictures lately. I was so close to just skipping today's post...but I guess I won't, even though this picture is *bad.* Anyway, yesterday I wore this grey and black maxi dress. I wanted to belt it, so I ended up adding the turqoise belt. Then for some reason, I wanted to wear red shoes with it. It just felt like little bits of red and turquoise worked together. I don't know...

On a positive note, tomorrow is Thursdays are for Thrifters! Looking forward to seeing everybody's finds and outfits.

Dress: Old Navy, $20., Lace Shrug: Wet Seal, apx. $15. Crocheted Headband: DIY, Gift.

Vintage Belt: Thrifted with another dress.

Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, $5.

Earrings: Carole, Inc., set of three for $4.

Turquoise Ring: F21, $5.

Elephant Ring: F21, $3.

Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Bag: Thrifted, $5.

Shoes: Charlotte Russe, $18. I need to take another photo of these because the color in this one is off a little. They really are red.


  1. There are my favorite red shoes, love them! I like red and aqua together too, and I like your maxi dress very much.

  2. I am sooo glad that you didn’t skip this post because I love the MAXI dress and the shoes!!!! Great color coordination & pairing… thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. LOVE that maxi! I've been hunting for a striped maxi for the last few months, and had zero luck. That dress is fantastic. I adore it. Those shoes. Bright pink or red, so cute!
    I swear, your style never fails to impress. :)


  4. Not sure why you think this photo is so 'bad' I think your dress is pretty cute! Those shoes are killer. I think red + turquoise absolutely go together.

  5. I like your dres... and the sunglasses are stunning!:) kisses!

  6. The dress and shoes together are amazing (and amazing apart, too). You look great!


  7. Your photo looks like one from the 70's. The color photos from that time seem to have darkened some. So, hey a cool 70's vibe!!
    That is the coolest elephant ring. Love the shoes and the maxi!

  8. love the maxi and that belt is great with it. really loving those shoes too!


  9. I love that you wore red shoes with that dress! This outfit is one of my favorites yet!!

  10. Great style, hun! Adore your wedges!!!

  11. finally got my first big cocktail ring today! it's more of a blingy little black dress night out with the girls, but it's a start

  12. This looks cool--pretty bohemian!


  13. i love your dress and the turquoise ring!!beautiful!

    kisses <3

  14. ooooooo i love the rings!! gorgeous!

  15. Great outfit, I want to call it hippie chic. I think your picture turned out fine; I know how hard it is trying to take them on your own. I either hate how I look or can't get all of myself in the frame. It's quite hilarious.