outfit du jour: remember when

Yesterday was one of those days where my outfit just didn't photograph well. I paired this loose flowing off-the-shoulder-top with wide leg jeans, and then belted the top to give it some structure. I don't normally like two really loose fitting pieces together but I did like how this looked, in person. In pictures, not so much. Here's the only photo of it I could stand. The sun was really bright, so please ignore me shielding my eyes.

Jeans: Thrifted, $6., Top: Charlotte Russe: apx., $5., Belt: Wet Seal: $4.

Earrings: Carole, Inc., set of three for $4. I know that I wear these earrings all the time, but they're so easy and go with everything. I do have other earrings, I promise...lots of other earrings. I just am not a big fan of long earrings anymore though.

Necklace: Betsey Johnson, Gift.

Bracelets: Handmade by my friend Paula, Gift. Aren't they incredible? She makes the prettiest things!

Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Ring: F21, $5.

Ring: F21, $3.

Vintage Bag: Thrifted, $3.50.

Vintage Clogs: Secondhand, Gift.


  1. I love those bell bottoms. I'm so happy the 70's is coming back :D

  2. These bracelets are really cool! I have vetoed a couple outfit posts because even though they look cool and floaty (even flattering) in person on the screen they just look like a big shapeless mess. This one is not a shapeless mess, but the point is that I believe that it looks even BETTER in person.

  3. I love the bracelets! Your jeans are cute and of course your accessories are AMAZING!


  4. I love the slouchy leather bag! I've been on the hunt for a good one myself, still looking!

  5. Your outfit is really cute. Reminds me of the 70's. I love bell bottoms. Always have, always will.

  6. Very cute! I love those jeans! And that feather ring is super cool...I have never seen anything like that.
    I have days like that too, when the mirror tells me I'm dressed prettily, and the camera says mean and nasty things to me :P


  7. The loose jeans are cute! I like the 70s look.


  8. I think the belt makes the top look fitted, and it is cute with the wide-leg pants.

  9. this is a great top and love those jeans! i have days where i like my outfit but it just photographs terribly. it's such a bummer! but you look great, i think this outfit looks good in the picture!


  10. The top is really fun and fabulous, You look retro chic in this outfit. I know how it's like when you just can't seem to photograph the outfit properly, especially when you don't have someone to do it for you. The feather ring is really beautiful, I love it.


  11. the jewelry is absolutely stunning! love the bag as well!


    Fashion Fractions

  12. Super cute 70's look. I know i'm loving that Flare came back in style.

  13. I hate it when that happens! When you feel great in a particular outfit, then see a bad photo. I've been experiencing that phenomenon with my new "renny-type" top. Argh!