Thursdays are for Thrifters Link Party 16

Thursdays are for Thrifters is here again and this week I hit the Goodwill jackpot. See the first shirt listed in my finds below? I saw it at a Goodwill in Nashville a few weeks ago and absolutely adored it. Unfortunately, it was pretty stained. But the shirt was going to be 50% off, so I figured for $2.50, I could work with it. When I went to check out, it turned out that it wasn't half off, so I put it back, but I have been thinking about that shirt ever since. Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to stop in the local Goodwill...and they had the same exact shirt. Minus the stains. For just $2.50. That kind of thing never happens to me. Not to mention, I found some other great things too. I walked out with 6 shirts, 2 tunics that can be worn as dresses, a skirt and a book for a little over $20. And that is why I love thrifting!

Here are my finds...what did you all find this week?

Shirt: $2.50.

Tunic: $2.50.

Baseball Shirt: $2.50.

Wrangler Shirt: $2.50. This is another great find because these Western shirts are pretty hard to find, at least around here. I think they probably get picked up really quickly when they do make it to thrift stores. This one is a little boys' size.

Floral Shirt: $2.50.

Sweater Dress: $2.50. Couldn't pass up the bell sleeves.

Sweater: $2.50.

Purple sweater tunic: $2.50.

Skirt: $3.

So what'd you guys find??

The Rules:

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2. Submit your link below (next to that little blue frog-lookin' guy at the bottom of this post). Your links must be less than a week old at the time you post them and must include either photos of one or more thrifted finds OR an outfit post featuring at least one thrifted item. This link party will be open for one week. You may make multiple submissions.
3. Link back to this post for each submission you make (Your link may not be posted unless you include the URL in your blog post.)
4. Check back to see everyone's thrifted finds!


  1. U find the best deals... the Tunic & the Skirt are cutesy!!!! Can't wait to see how you pair them! :))

  2. cute skirt! And I like that shirt that you kept going back for too! I would have done the same thing!

  3. Love the baseball t, and the sweater dress. Cute!

  4. Ooh, lots of tops! That is a good haul.

  5. your love for thrifting paid off, what fantastic finds. You always have the best deals! Thank you for hosting, it's always so fun on THursday.


  6. Love the sweater dress and the skirt, and... basically everything posted, lol. You never fail amaze me with your finds. You always have the cutest stuff.

    Jess. :)

  7. I love all of these. You can do so much with each of them!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. I'm in love with the sweater dress and the purple sweater. I'm another one that scours the 50% off items at Goodwill-I don't even THINK about looking through the rest of the stuff!

  9. I've had the best luck thrifting lately. I didn't get great pictures of the dress I wore yesterday but it really is nice and on trend. There are some more great things that I just need a little cooler weather for or some minor alterations. Thanks for the place to show them off. ha ha.

  10. I'm loving that Wrangler shirt. The print is really cute.

  11. Meagan, An excellent shopping trip! I stumbled upon a new Goodwill and the guy who checked me out gave me a list of all the Goodwills in the town with addresses...I am pumped! It's the town where my kids are in college, so I will be visiting and shopping a lot! I love that soft purple top. And the western shirt was a find. That was something...finding the same shirt in your hometown! Debbie

  12. i love when the thrift-magic happens! looks like you got lots of cute stuff :)

  13. You always find the best stuff!! I so wish we lived near each other, so I could go thrifting with you!

  14. loving your finds, especially that great tunic!!!