outfit du jour: we used to wait/kreativ blogger award

This outfit is one I was pretty disappointed in. I had been very excited about this dress, and I still am. It's yellow, has long sleeves, hand made, vintage, most likely from the '60s...what's not to love? But when I put it on...it's a different story. It just doesn't feel like me and it's kinda big. I gave it a shot though yesterday and while I love the dress, I don't think it's something that I feel right in, so if you like it too, keep an eye out. It'll probably end up on Etsy soon. Also, if you leave a comment or become a follower, I'll always return the favor!

Vintage Handmade Dress: Thrifted.

Vintage Belt: Thrifted, apx. $3.

Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $4.
Necklace: Masquerade, $5.

Ring: F21,Gift.

Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Suede Boots: Nine West, $100.

Also, one of my favorite bloggers, Georgia at Want To I Think I Love You has been kind enough to give me the Kreativ Blogger Award. So I'm going to tell you ten facts about myself and then give you a few bloggers you absolutely need to know about. Facts:

1. I have always loved thrifting and vintage clothes. I was that weird girl in high school who wore thrifted things and probably confused everyone just a little bit. I even loved getting Christmas presents for my family at thrift stores when I was very young.

2. I don't really enjoy watching movies. They just kind of bore me. I'd rather read, 95% of the time.

3. I have the worst sinus/allergy problems. I deal with them on a daily basis and spring just makes it worse.

4. All the money I spend on clothes...I'd rather spend it on music.

5. I used to hate pasta and now all I want to eat is ravioli in marinara sauce or fettucini alfredo.

6. My favorite colors right now are all neutrals: creams, whites, greys, tans, black, etc.

7. I love hot weather and I can't wait for it to get here to actually stay.

8. I keep my toenails painted all the time because I don't like the look of plain toenails.

9. Watching Coachella live from home this weekend was kind of amazing. I'd guess better than being there.

10. I am terrible at braiding hair. I wish I were better.

Blogs You Need to Know About


  1. i think the dress looks really cute on you! but i get just not being comfortable in something - it's a bummer, but it happens. still, you faked it well. the outfit looks amazing.

  2. thank god for the live streaming of coachella!! haha!


  3. I am the same way about plain toenails! I feel like there's something a little weird about them, unless it's guys toenails .. then it's okay. haha. :)

  4. Love the yelllow on you!

    Monique xx


  5. Congratulations on the award! I just found wrinkled dollar; It's great. I love two birds, too. I've been doing the inspiration mondays since they started three weeks ago.

  6. I like the outfit! My mom has a "vintage" dress like that. I wore it for a Christmas party a couple years ago :)


  7. love your dress
    perfect for spring :)

  8. I love that dress, the yellow is so happy. Congratulations on your award! :) I enjoyed reading your 10 facts.

  9. that dress does sound great in theory, but i agree that the fit doesn't look quite right. i wonder if you could alter it?

    oh, and i'm terrible at braiding hair too!

  10. Lovely blog you have..Love the necklace..I love to shop vintage but there is hardly any vintage stores in Portugal...

    L♥ts of L♥ve


  11. this dress is amazing :)
    thank you for your comment sweetie!Have I ever mentioned that i love your header?