Thursdays are for Thrifters Challenge

Thursdays are for Thrifters Challenge Rules

After posting on IFB and getting some good feedback from people who are interested in my idea to feature other thrifters, I’ve decided to start the Thursdays are for Thrifters Blog Challenge and each week I’ll be featuring participants who have gone thrifting during the week or who wore an outfit during the week that featured at least one thrifted item. Everyone is welcome to join in and you can start at any time.The goal is to thrift as much as you can and to share items you've thrifted so that others can see the types of things you find and how you work them into your wardrobe. Here are the rules:

1. Go thrifting. Find thrift stores in your area here and read up on tips for thrifting in my previous post, here.

2. Take photos of the treasures you’ve thrifted this week OR put together an outfit featuring at least one thrifted item.

3. E-mail me your photos. Make sure to include your name, your blog address (if you have one), where you’re from, and a little information about the thrifted items (Are they vintage? Was it a great deal? Why do you love it?). All submissions must be sent to by Wednesday at 8:00 PM Eastern Time and e-mails must be titled “Thrifting.” Any submissions received after this time will be held for the next week’s post.

4. I’ll then post the submissions in the order I receive them. I’ll let you know via e-mail when the post goes up. Under normal circumstances it will go up Thursday nights.

5. When you find out that the post is up, please post on your blog (if you have one) a link to my blog where you are featured. Please be sure to include the following graphic.

Copy and paste from above or contact me if you have any issues.

There is no limit to how many times you can submit.

Remember thrifting is good for everyone. It saves you cash and is a form of recycling. And if you thrift in a large thrift store, a lot of times profits go to local charities. That said, the next step is completely optional but I would love if you would add the above graphic as a permanent button to your blogs to spread the love of thrifting and direct people to our challenge. The more people you let know you are participating, the more views you are likely to get on your blog!

Any questions, comments or ideas? E-mail me at the above address; I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Thrifting!


  1. I am totally down for this. I'll definitely be sending in a picture this week!

  2. Thank you very much for sending me the link :))