outfit du jour: fascination street

Somedays, I just want to wear all the jewelry that I own, a giant hat and huge sunglasses. Actually, wait, that's everyday. But today I actually came close to wearing all my jewelry...or at least all that I could wear at once.

Purple Leggings: Old Navy, $8.

Grey Shirt with Black Sheer Bows: Charlotte Russe, apx. $10.

Black Turtleneck: Attention, $17.

I like jewelry, what can I say?

See this lovely black hat with the big black bow? The one that would look perfect with almost any outfit imaginable? The one your best friend would just love to have for Christmas? It's for sale. here, in my vintage store, for $7.

Vintage Silver Love Knot Earrings: Secondhand, Gift.

Vintage White Three-Layer Necklace: Secondhand, Gift.

Vintage Spoon Cross Necklace: Handmade, Gift.

Black and Silver Glitter Plastic Bracelet: F21, Gift.

Silver Vintage Zebra Print Bangle: Thrifted, in a set for apx. $3.

Black Plastic Stud Bracelet: from Kohl's, set of three for $3.50.

Clear Plastic Bracelet: F21, apx. $3.

Silver Hammered Bracelet: Mix It, gift.

Hammered Gunmetal Cuff: Mix It, Gift.

Plastic Zebra Striped Silver and Purple Glitter Bracelet: Natasha, gift.

Silver Ring: F21, apx. $3.

Silver and Black Ring: Gift.

Silver Bag: from JCPenney's, apx. $30.

Black Suede Boots: Nine West, $100.
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  1. Your outfit is very "Rachel Zoe does the Olsen twins"... cute on you!

    I love The Cure... and that guitar riff in "Fascination Street" is my favorite sample!

  2. I love that shirt. It is so cute. :)

    Kirstin Marie

  3. Those purple leggings are adorbs! And those knot earrings are my favorite. Whoever gave them to you was awesome.


  4. I like your new header and all the close up pictures of you.You should take them more often!

  5. love these accessories! and the cat! its way too cute!! xx


  6. What a fine collection of bangles.