Outfit du Jour: Shadow of a Doubt

Since today was a little rainy, and today's tip for wearing summer clothes in fall is to still dress appropriately for the weather, I wanted to wear my galoshes. I rarely wear them but I still really love them (Actually, I really love any almost-knee high or higher boots), and I love that they're pink and kinda brighten up a rainy day. To see more ideas on wearing summer clothes in fall, see my original post, 15 Ways to Wear Summer Clothes in Fall.

Black Leggings: Joe Boxer, apx. $8. (Okay, so these are technically pajama leggings...but who can really tell?).

Pink Blouse: Vintage. I know this does actually look like a pajama top...but I promise it isn't! It was definitely as comfortable as wearing pajamas though. I used to think leggings didn't qualify as pants, but I'm quickly changing my mind.

Black Glitter Headband: Package of five for $3 at Rugged Warehouse. I love headbands. I know it seems like I wear them almost everyday.

Black Vintage Sunglasses: Thrifted, $3.

Gold Post Earrings: Carole, Inc., set of three for $4.

Black and Gold Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Gold Vintage Ring

Cream and Gold Bracelet: $4, Rugged Warehouse.

Black Purse with Gold Chain: Thrifted, $3.

Pink Galoshes: Bricks, $10.
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  1. Aww!! So pretty! I love your top - and your galoshes! So pretty!! <3

    And I totally agree with what you said about Walmart! I always hear people complaining about it, but they do have some really cute stuff! Granted you couldn't get your whole wardrobe from there like it seems you could with other stores, but still....

    ~ Katie

  2. Thanks Katie! Who cares where something came from as long as you like it, right? That's really all that matters!

  3. I like that ring - it looks like a cappuccino!!

  4. PINKK ! my favorite color so I automatically love it ! The rain boots are too cute & the Charlotte Russe ring :D

    - Nandi ,

  5. Yes, I did cary a big black back with my pink blazer - when I went out, which wasn't for several hours after I took that picture (one of the perks of being home schooled. :D). I'm glad you liked the look, though. I don't think I'll wear that jacket again for a while, though....

    ~ Katie

  6. I never thought about the ring looking like a cappuccino but it's just another reason to love it because I lovvve coffee.

    I like pink a lot too. I take it by spells, but my aunt had that pink shirt she had kept for some time and didn't want and I saw it and hadddd to have it! Thanks Nandi!

    Katie-I definitely liked the black and pink blazer so I hope you think of a way you really like to style it. Looking forward to seeing your next outfit!

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  8. Thanks Arash! They definitely brighten up rainy days!