Outfit du Jour: Mistaken for Strangers

Today's tip for wearing summer clothes in fall is to add something leather. I was planning on wearing a t-shirt with this black leather motorcycle vest I thrifted a few weeks ago when I was visiting Brittany but it was a little chilly today, so I ended up putting this oversized gold sweater with it. You could layer almost anything with this kind of vest. I love the fringe and the silver buckle-things (no idea what they're really called...somebody help me out?) on the sides. I picked up this brown and black wool hat last weekend and it inspired me to mix a little of both colors into this outfit, so I added the brown leather bag too. I really love brown and black together, but I know it isn't everyone's favorite. You could always stick to one or the other though, or just to adding one leather item into an outfit. If you aren't sure if you like leather, try something small like a headband or bracelet to start with. I love leather, so having a vest, bag and suede boots doesn't really feel too over the top to me...but really, who am I kidding? I tend to like things over the top. The more the merrier!

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Sorry for not having better pictures today. I'm exhausted and I think I'm getting a sinus infection. Hopefully I'll have better outfit photos soon.

Jeans: Levi's, $35.

Oversized Gold Sweater: Thrifted, $2.50.

Black Leather Motercycle Vest: Thrifted, $10.

Gold Necklace: Thrfited, $2.75

Brown and Black Wool Hat: Thrifted, apx. $3.

Cream and Gold Earrings: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Brown Plastic Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Vintage Gold Ring

Brown Leather Bag: Thrifted, $7.

Black Suede Boots: Nine West, $100.

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  1. ... okay , can I just have your closet ?? I love the mix of gold & black , and I have boots very similar to yours :)

    - Nandi ,

  2. Nandi, Don't you just love tall boots like this? I was never able to find boots that fit me right and I found these two years ago (?) at the Zappo's outlet...and they have become my favorite winter shoes. I probably wear them 3-4 times a week when it's cold out. They're so perfect with jeans or leggings and since they're black they go with almost anything!


  3. Love all the elements in this outfit. The 90s hat, gold, leather, fringe, suede... You're so adventurous!!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  4. Thanks Elaine! I like to be a little excessive sometimes, but that's just me. I love putting weird things like that together. It makes getting dressed fun!