Bathroom Mirror Selfies Aplenty

For the past few weeks, I've been trying to remember to get a few quick pictures of my outfits before I leave the house. I've actually managed to do it a few times, so I thought I'd share a few outfit pics/details of recent stuff. They're all dirty bathroom mirror pics, but it's better than nothing. 


Wore this to hear Fleetwood Mac, which was beyond amazing. Printed bells by LA Hearts ($17, thanks for a BOGO Free sale around Christmas), sweater with sheer bell sleeves by Great American Sweater, which I got through Instagram for about $11, and vintage, beaded top over it, from Goodwill for $2.50. Sorry for the blurriness.

Wore this to a King Khan show. Black velvet baby bell sleeve dress, it's an Old Navy dress from the '90s but I bought it from Goodwill for $8 cuz THOSE SLEEVES. Vintage bone choker, bought via Instagram, $12. Oh and a super sweet seller on Instagram traded me that hand-made phone case for a couple scarves. She said it took her 8 hours to make it!

This is a kinda weird outfit. I threw it on for a lunch date with a friend and a chimichanga. Jeans are LEI via Music City Thrift for $7, floral tunic top is Rue 21 via Goodwil for $2.50, vintage gold jacket, also from Goodwill for $2.50.

Sorry for the clothes everywhere. I wore this to a Thelma & the Sleaze show at the East Room. This dress doesn't have a brand in it, but I got it from Plato's last year for $14. I don't usually pay that much for clothes but it's a black, lace, high-lo dress with bell sleeves. I love bell sleeves. I threw a leather, fringed motorcycle vest over it, which I got years ago at a little thrift store in Leitchfield, Kentucky for $10. And I've been wearing this hat that I picked up at Target last time I was home pretty much everyday for a month. It was $11.

I wore this to hear my pals in Girls & Money play at The End. I can't remember the brand of the '90s lace dress, but I got it many years ago at Goodwill for about $8. I threw this maxi/duster over it. It's Forever21 but I bought it on eBay for $10 back before kimonos were absolutely everywhere and I was searching desperately for anything kimono-like. It can be buttoned up into a dress or worn open as a layer. The fringed white studded bag I found at the Goodwill Outlet (that place is my weakness), so I ended up paying about 75 cents for it. And it's my fave. Woo. I'm wearing my black leather Litas with this (I think) and I paid about $60 for them on eBay.

I'm pretty sure I wore this on another Mexican-food lunch date and then to bug my friend Dan at work into helping me find a new phone. I have no idea what jeans I'm wearing (probably the LEI ones I mentioned above cause they're so comfy), but let's talk about this top. It's everything. I'm not ashamed to admit that I sometimes find pieces I obsess over at Rue21. This is Rue21 but I found it at Goodwill. It's hard to tell but it's a navy blue, batwing top with Aztec print in these awesome reds and dark turquoise. It was like $4 when I got it months ago and I would seriously wear it every single day. Those shoes are Lauren Conrad faux leather booties, which  I got for $8 at Kohl's when I first moved to Nashville and was working in Cool Springs. I had a date right after work and decided I didn't like what I was wearing, so I stopped, bought a new dress and these boots (for $8!!) and changed in the parking lot. That's what I do. And THE BAG. I'll find a good picture of it soon. I'm pretty sure it came from an awful gift shop downtown cause I keep seeing them floating around and it's all rhinestone cowboy. But I love it and I got it for 75 cents at the Goodwill outlet. Oh and there's that Target hat that I just can't quit.

I wore this outfit for Record Store Day. We didn't get to go to everything because it rained (only day I didn't want rain), but we made it to hear Idle Bloom and Adia Victoria at The Groove and Hans Condor at Fond Object. Then I wore it that night to hear Pujol, etc. at Queen Ave. I bought this dress years ago at Target and love it. It's all black lace and I think I paid $11 for it. The maxi duster was about $7 at Rue21. I bought it like 5 sizes too big so it'd be extra long and flowy. The vintage belt I can't remember where I got, but it's one of those strethy coin ones. I wore it up super high to give this a princess waist. The boots I got a few years ago at Target for $8.

Obsessing over my faux septum ring that I keep losing. This one has a little opal. I got it from Amazon for $10.

Wore this just to run some errands one day. White bell sleeve lace top for $2.50 from Goodwill but it's Rue21 (seriously, I have no shame. They have some great cuts and styles of clothing.) There's the hat I'm obsessed with. And you can't tell but I'm wearing a pair of gray STRETCHY WAIST jeans that I swapped with a friend for. They're the best jeans ever. 

Rings from Plato's Closet for $1. Love the gold/silver/tribaly feel of these. 50 cents each? Gimme.

Another errands outfit. I threw this lace top from Goodwill ($4), on with some simple black leggings and black leather Dingo Moto boots. 

Sunglasses from that store in the mall that's name I cannot remember at the moment...$10.

Wore this to 8 off 8th a few weeks ago to hear Little Bandit. Black velvet turtleneck dress, $1 from Goodwill. Gold coin chain belt, 75 cents from Goodwill outlet. Black leather Litas, about $60 on eBay.

I wore this out running errands one day. I think I was dropping stuff off for the CLOTHING SWAP (post coming soon). Black BDG jeans from a yard sale, $5. Brown velvet babydoll tunic top. It's Forever21 but I got it at Plato's for $4. Tan suede Litas, apx. $60 on eBay. That Target hat I love so much. Nine West mini bag from Goodwill Outlet, 75 cents.

I wore this to the CLOTHING SWAP (post to come). Black jeans, BDG $5 from a yard sale, Black Nollie 'Born to Rock' bone tank top, $11 at PacSun a few years ago during a going out of business sale. Pink beaded kimono, Rue21 (what is with me and that store? I guess I was late to the game so now I have to make up for it), $10. Amazing arrow sunnies, $6 at Plato's.

arrow sunnies. $6, Plato's Closet.

Wore this last weekend to the Marathon Village Block Party to hear All Them Witches and then to the new Basement East for Natural Child. Brown Velvet 90s mini dress BASICALLY FREE FROM THE CLOTHING SWAP. Crazy lace/snake print kimono, which I tied up for a waist, Forever21 via Plato's for $6. 

Vintage hat, 75 cents from the Goodwill Outlet.

It's all a blur.

Wore this to run around during the day on the day of Ryan Adams 2nd Nashville show. I was excited so I wore this shirt I got during a Cold Roses tour in 2006. This kimono is similar to the long one I wore on Record Store Day, but it's shorter and lighter. It's also from Rue21 (duh. I don't know if I should be ashamed). $7.

Wore this to the second Ryan Adams show at the Ryman. I don't think I took pics of the first night's outfit? Blue velvet bell bottoms, handmade via Etsy, $35. Forever21 top from a yard sale, $5. Blue vintage hat, from Unique Thrift in Louisville, $5. Worn with my tan/orange Chelsea Puppy Surpremes from Jeffrey Campbell, which I got for $20 thanks to a gift card and a sale.

I've worn this dress a million times and I still love it. This time I wore it when Joe Firstman was in town playing the 5 Spot. It's actually just a Target dress, but it's kind of perfection and I got it at Music City Thrift for $8. This is one of those dresses that I always get compliments on. I belted it with this big blue-ish belt from the Goodwill Outlet (75 cents), and wore my turquoise Litas (which I found on ebay for $30). You can kinda see my moon/star midi ring in this pic. I always wear it at night. I think it came from Forever21 but I'm not sure.

Post about the clothing swap to come very soon!

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