outfit du jour: no excuses

Let's talk about everything that's wrong with this outfit. This is actually a bridesmaid dress from a wedding I was in last year. I was flipping through my closet and had that idea yesterday to wear it again. Problem #1: I don't wear anything sleeveless or with short sleeves. I just don't. But I wore it in the wedding because she's my best friend, ya'll. That's just what you do. I tried to pair it with this little lace shrug from when I was about 18 and hide my arms in the photos. Didn't work. I put on a sweater after photos. Problem #2: It's wrinkled. Badly. It didn't look wrinkled in person though. I guess it's the extreme sunlight. Problem #3: The belt is falling down. I wanted to wear this vintage belt over it at the empire waist to give it a little extra something, but no matter how tight I fastened it, it just kept sliding down. But, at least I tried.

Tomorrow's Thursdays are for Thrifters and I can't wait to see everyone's outfits and finds!
Dress: American Eagle, $35., Lace Shrug: Wet Seal, apx. $10., Vintace Belt: Thrifted, $3.

Sunglasses: Old Navy, $7.
Earrings: F21, 3 pairs for $1.50.
Ring: F21, $5.
Ring: F21, $3.
Bag: Thrifted, $3.
Shoes: Charlotte Russe, $18.


  1. Beautiful look!!! I love the rings!!!
    Have a good week!!

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  2. I like the lace shrug, and I think your outfit looks pretty cute.

  3. Ah, stop beating yourself up - I don't see any wrinkles and think you look as lovely as usual.

  4. Sometimes the outfit doesn't work, we've all been there. The good news is that your eyes are sooooo pretty! And you're a good friend to suck it up and buy the dress, wear the dress, and rewear the dress for your friend's wedding. My maid of honor was not as gracious as you. Let me know if you want to hear that story.

  5. I LOVE that you wore an old bridesmaid dress. it's like they hang in the closet never to be worn again. and it's a shame. i actually threw a bridesmaid party once and made all the women wear their old ones. it was pretty fun. i like this, and you look pretty in it. i like how you added the belt and cute shoes!


  6. It's alright Meagan, it's not so bad, I like the dress and the pretty shrug. The length of the dress is very cute on you. The belt actually looks great with the outfit, only a little skewed...it happens to me too sometimes especially when my photographer is the tripod. Looking forward to your linky