Thursdays are for Thrifters Link Party 37

It's Thursdays are for Thrifters! Last Thursday I went to my local Goodwill, which I had overlooked in favor of different stores for years. It's turning out to be one of my favorite stores. I'm really excited about everything I found and have already worn a couple of the pieces (the bag and the floral skirt). So what did you find or wear this week?

Thursdays are for Thrifters Rules:
1. Be a follower of Brass in Pocket via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'. If you were a follower of Spunky Chateau, you're already good to go.
2. Submit your link below (next to that little blue frog-lookin' guy at the bottom of this post).Your links must be less than one week old at the time you post them and must include either photos of one or more thrifted finds OR an outfit post featuring at least one thrifted item. This link party will be open for one week. You may make multiple submissions.
3. Link back to this post for each submission you make (Your link may be deleted unless you include the URL in your blog post.)
4. Check back to see everyone's thrifted finds! My finds...
Bag: $3 (Isaac Mizrahi for Target)

Shirt: $2.50.

Vest: $2.50. I've been going crazy wanting something with flags on it. You may think this vest is a little weird, but it's going to be amazing. I can't wait to wear it.

Vintage Skirt: $3.

Tribal Wrap Skirt: $3. Another one you might think is weird but that I'm loving right now.

Vintage Skirt: $3. Black and could I pass this up? It's the perfect maxi length on me and it's pretty much my favorite thing ever.

Sweater: $2.50.

Sweater: $2.50. Just a perfectly fitting sweater that would be great this spring if it wasn't already 85 outside.

Sweater: $2.50. amazing cable knit sweater. I could wear this almost everyday.

Vest: $2.50. I've been on the fence about this vest. I have a thing for skulls so when I saw a neon pink argyle print skull vest, it was definitely going in the basket. Then I started thinking it was a little too juniors-y. But then I thought 'No, it's going to look great with wide leg jeans and a long sleeve button down shirt." I think I'm pretty excited about it. Then I realized it was Libertine for Target and appearantly a similar one went for $60 on ebay...and that made me even more excited.


  1. The flag vest and the skull vest are totes doing it for me!! I love all the pics on your TT feature!!

    x carlina

  2. I'm loving that striped shirt.

  3. You find some great clothes at thrift. I envy you. I love that purse. The kiss lock is my favorite closing on a purse. It is secure and you don't have to worry about stuff falling out.

  4. I love that tribal wrap skirt - so current! And I can't wait to see you rock that flag vest!

  5. meagan you have found some great thrifted things. those skirts especially appeal to me. :)

  6. That dark sparky skirt is lovely! Very disco.

  7. what thrifty chic always find the best thrifted pieces.


  8. DYING over that argyle/skull vest! What great finds! Glad to find another thrifty blogger.

    Just found your blog via IFB! Keep up the great work!

  9. What AWESOME finds! Another thrift-aholic here. So thrilled to have come across your blog. Will be following and hopefully linking up with my thrifty work wear.

  10. I love the last sweater!

  11. Ah next Thursday I will link up- it's been too long :) I really love your thrifted purse plus that tribal wrap skirt is adorable- I really like the unique print! Have a great weekend!

  12. I think you can pull off the skulls and argyle vest...I like how it combines edgy and preppy into one item of clothing for a slightly irreverent look. The ombre skirt is fantastic; I'm a sucker for sparkles. And I think you could do a lot with the tribal wrap skirt. All in all some great finds!

    Thanks so much for the tips about narrow calf boots. I'm intrigued by the Fitzwell brand; it's also mentioned on a narrow calf blog I discovered soon after I wrote that post. Here's the address, since you since the same problem!

  13. great things! I like the bag :)

  14. HOLY CRAP Megan! You found some AMAZING things -- fun things too! I don't know what I like best?! The pink vest or the pink sweater, or maybe the sequin skirt or the tribal skirt? I think those four were my favorites!

  15. i am so in love with your finds! the two vests...the flag one and the skull one...are amazing! bummed i missed thursdays are for thrifters. i'll definitely link up next week!!!

  16. I loved every jumper and the vest too! The floral skirt is really cute, I love floral patterns! You always look very beautiful!
    I'll try to wear one of my thrifted brooches (looove brooches!) on Thursday to participate!

  17. You are lucky finding things :)