outfit du jour: shame

So my photographer thinks this is the weirdest outfit ever. Maybe not ever. But I was repeatedly told "That looks weird together. Is it supposed to look weird?" No. I'm not trying to look weird. I'm just trying to pretend I'm Rihanna and with all the '90s inspired outfits she's been wearing lately, this seemed kind of appropriate. (I'm not really trying to pretend I'm her, but I just recently realized that her style is pretty much everything.)

But one thing I don't have to pretend is that I'm head over heels for this skirt. I found it at Goodwill last week and as soon as I saw it my heart started racing. 'Will it fit? Will it fit? Will it fit?' It fits! There was a time when I was trying to resist the pastel/embroidery-esque florals of the '90s in favor of the bright pink florals on dark backgrounds. But no more! There's space for all the florals I can find in my life (though probably not in my closet....I'll work on that.)
Since I'm wearing this skirt, I'm going to link up Tammy at Silverstyle's Trending Through the Decades. This week's theme is pastels!

Also, this new Blogger publishing thing is confusing me slightly. So, if this post looks off, that would be why.

And tomorrow is Thursdays are for Thrifters, so you'd better be thrifting!

Vintage Skirt: Thrifted, $3., Sequined Striped Top: Thrifted, $2.50., Vintage Plaid Crop Top: Thrifted, $2.50.

Turquoise Ring: F21, $5.
Bracelets: Acquired at different times.
Earrings: F21, three pairs for $1.50. (actually wore these in pink.)
Ring: F21, $5. Seriously, F21 has basically become my go-to jewelry place. It can be so hard to find vintage jewelry at decent prices, so I just end up buying things to go with my thrifted clothes at F21.
Ring: F21, $3.
Sunglasses: F21, $3.
Shoes: Yoki, $12.


  1. i didn't know you had a photographer take your photos. which blouse were you hoping fit, & it does? the plaid or the black & white? yes there's room for all kinds of style. :)

  2. I would have snagged that skirt too. Love it. You are right, anything goes. Still recovering from surgery butclearer in my mind to catch up on a few blogs. Have a great night. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  3. I really love your style. it's unique and i love the close up of your jewels. :)

  4. Dawn, I love the skirt! I'm in total Maxi mode. What confuses me is when and why did somebody decide a midi is now a maxi? I like them both but, would like them to be described accurately. My God I sound like a bitch! I'm really not just get confused when perusing the store web sites.
    Thanks for linking up. I'll see you tomorrow for Thrifters.

  5. wow...I just love the new format of your pictures, now can see all the details on your outfits. Well done! And girl I'm glad the skirt fits you cuz it looks fabulous on you. Look at all the cute floral print. The mix of prints is really pretty. I am so ready for Thursday are for thrifters.


  6. the 1st picture kind of scare me..looks like you feet were missing? anyway loving the skirt!