Thursdays are for Thrifters III

I know I've been absent for the last week. I've really missed blogging, I just haven't felt very happy with my outfits. I think it's because I was just getting excited about warm weather and all of the sudden it's freezing again. Anyway, I did a little thrifting yesterday, and Kacey from Young Claws sent in some of her recent finds, so I wanted to share. My finds...

Vintage Saks Hat: $20.

Midi Skirt $10.
Vintage Maxi Skirt: $2.50.

Kacey found this adorable '70s dress at a vintage store in Dublin, where she's currently studying and found the amazing "Keith Richards for President" (pictured on her friend) on the floor in the same store, which was having a great sale, 20 Pounds per Kilogram of clothing. (I'm trusting her word on what a great sale this is...I really have no idea how much a kilogram weighs or how many dollars to a pound. The point is she found some great pieces!)



Are you jealous you didn't go thrifting this week? Get to shopping and send me your photos by next Thursday to get automatically featured! Full details can be found here.


  1. the hat is so cute!

    xx viviane

  2. wow you picked up some cute finds, and yes I am... now if only I was good at thrifting lol

  3. Oh! Fantastic finds! That vintage maxi skirt is my favorite! :)

  4. your finds! I don't know which I like the best because I love hats and I would love to try a maxi look. I agree about the weather, too. I hated putting tights and boots on again today for photos when I want to wear my spring stuff. I've had a few grungy days thrown in because it's been so cold here, too.

  5. Cool can I submit my items/posts?