outfit du jour: awaiting on you all

Fellow fashion bloggers: Do you ever feel like you're super happy with your day's outfit photos until you actually see them blown up on the screen? That was how I felt today. Lots of light outside, liked my outfit, liked my pictures when I viewed them on my camera...not so much when I see them blown up. Anyway...here they are.

Grey Leggings: Old Navy, $4.
Patterned Tunic: Thrifted, apx. $4.
Black Hat: Urban Outfitters, $5.
Gold Elephant Necklace: Charlotte Russe, apx. $6.

Purple Feather Earrings: Charlotte Russe, three pairs for $4.

White Glitter Bracelet: Betsey Johnson, Gift.

Brown and Gold Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Vintage Mood Ring: Secondhand, Gift.

Vintage Leather Bag: Secondhand, Gift.

Brown Booties: Wet Seal, $15.


  1. Your boots are so cute! I love the pattern on your shirt. :)

  2. I think your pictures came out great. I really like your first and second photo. You always have such awesome accessories!!!


  3. Hair and that top = pretty. It's about time for me to find some shades.


  4. You look very pretty so don't worry. I know how you feel tho'. I'm never happy with a single pic of me so I end up never putting them up. I looove your boots! Cute!

    xoxo - Zoe (All For Style)

    P.S. - I did my silly lil dance that no one should see lest they pluck their eyes out ;) but thank you for the FB like.

  5. Hey fellow 20 something IFBer!

    Love the feather earrings and how everything you wore is so affordable! Slightly refreshing!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous flop hat! I just discovered your blog off another fashion website!

    I love your style & am now following, follow back? :)

    I have a new post up on Betsey Johnson 2011 swimwear! Swing by & check it out if you can.



  7. I love the oversized shirt! its so cute!!