Thursdays are for Thrifting, week 1

I've been thinking a lot about starting a weekly post on thrifting, since I do a lot of it and decided to make this week the first post in the series. Some weeks I'll show you my finds and some I'll write on tips or my favorite thrift stores. For this first post, I'm showing you a few recent thrifting finds plus some other bargains I've picked up in the last few days. I'll post today's outfit tomorrow.

Wooden Post Earrings: Thrifted, $.50.

Irradescent Vintage Clutch: Thrifted, $3.

Gold Vintage Bag: Thrifted, $2.

Super Flared Jeans: Thrifted, $7. I couldn't figure out a good way to take photos of these without wearing them and they still need to be hemmed, so I figured I'd show you the cute pockets that I love!

Blush Pink Lace Blouse: Thrifted, $7.
And a few recent bargains..........
Irradescent Nail Polish: $1.

Gold Nail Polish: $1.

Studded Clogs: Yoki, $12.50.

Add Image Plaid Dress: Old Navy, $5.

Tan Sweater: Old Navy, $5.

Green Dress: Old Navy, $7.

Striped Blouse: Derek Heart, $10.

Blue Metallic Skirt: Charlotte Russe, $5.

Black and Grey Sweater: Old Navy, $5.

Gold and Black Tights: Charlotte Russe, $3.

Bracelets: $1 each.

Make Up Brushes: (L) $6, (R) $4. I've been wanting some new makeup brushes desperately. I'm going to get some really nice ones soon, hopefully, but I thought these were too pretty to pass up and would last me until I get some better quality ones. They're from F21.

Boots: FREE! These boots were a gift from my friend Brittany! Aren't they cute?

Ring: F21, $4.

Ring: F21, $3.


  1. we have the same(ish) dress form!! does yours have a sticker inside with the lady's name?

    you found some great stuff too, i like that lacey blouse the best :)

  2. I swear you are the best thrifter in the world woman!!!!!
    There are so many I love!


  3. Great finds! I love the clogs and that green dress!! <3

    ~ Katie

  4. Maranda-Mine doesn't have a sticker inside with a lady's name that I know of. I just got it for Christmas so I'll have to double-check!