Double Feature

I've been out of the blogging world for a few days and it feels like forever. I haven't had time to blog my outfits the past couple days or the access to do so, but I keep having this overwhelming urge to get my blogs up. It's like my day isn't complete until I post my outfit. Anyway, I'm not going to overwhelm you with photos today or show you my outfits from Monday or Tuesday that I basically just went shopping in because you've seen all the components to them before, but I will show you today's outfit and what I wore Saturday to hear Guided By Voices play.

This is today's outfit. Last night Cayla, Paula and I went to see Black Swan, finally. I've been dying to see it and it definitely didn't disappoint. Anyway, today's outfit was a little Black Swan-inspired. I never wear my hair up. I mean never. Ever. Never. It's just a habit cause when I was younger I thought my face looked weird when I wore it up. I don't mind it as much now but I like having my hair down because there is one rule I absolutely live by. This is deep. Get ready......Everyone on the planet looks better with longer hair. This is just the truth. So now you know. See, when your hair is longer, people look at your hair instead of your face. So if your hair looks good, you automatically do. So grow your hair out. Just a little. Aren't you glad that I let you in on that little secret? It's life changing. I promise.


Jeans: Arizona, apx. $20.

Black Tunic: B Wear, $10.

Cream Sweater: Willie Smith, Gift.

Flats: Capelli New York, $10.

Bag: Charlotte Russe, $5.

And this is what I wore to hear Guided by Voices play Saturday (ahhh Robert Pollard is brilliant. I have wanted to listen to anything else since then.)

Black Jeggings: Vanilla Star Jeans, $12.

Black Sweater (Layered Underneath): from JCPenney's, $20.

Silver Blouse: Thrifted, $2.50.

Black Boots: Nine West, $100.

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