Outfit du Jour: Rockets

I've been holding onto this dress for years. It's actually the dress I wore to my high school graduation and it's had a rough life. I haven't worn it more than a handful of times but it's had to endure several alterations and attempts at shrinking it in the dryer. I've come close to giving it to Goodwill several times, but I always rescue it from the pile at the last minute. I like how it looks from a distance and I was happy with my outfit, but I'm not sure about additional ways to style it to make it seem more "me."

Dress: from JCPenney's, apx. $30.

Black Sweater: Old Navy, $20.

Belt: from JCPenney's sweater.

Hat: Thrifted, $3.50.

Vintage Silver Love Knot Earrings: Seconhand, Gift.

Vintage Owl Necklace: from Ticked Pink, apx. $3.

White Glitter and Gunmetal Bracelet: Betsey Johnson, Gift.

Silver Rhinestone Love Ring: Urban Outfitters, $10.

Silver Vintage Spoon Ring: Gift.

Silver Ring: I picked this up at the jewelry sale at the hospital last night, $5.

Purple Leather Bag: H&M, $10.

Silver Glitter Shoes: Bonniebel, apx. $10.
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  1. I love the outfit, LOVING the shoes and hat

  2. Cute hat! Loving the bow on it.


  3. Cat Power! Oh, you have not idea how much I love Cat Power!!! xx

  4. awwww you look adorable!
    and i love your hat =D

  5. That hat is so classic and feminine! Lovelovelove the glittery pumps.



  6. really cute!