Outfit du Jour: Think Again

My tip today for wearing summer clothes in fall is to pair bright, summer accessories with fall and winter clothes. I put a bright yellow and orange tote bag, yellow sunglasses and a yellow, wool beret with this thick, knit dress to give it a little more of a fall feel. I don't think you have to abandon bright colors just because it's getting colder out. For more tips on wearing summer clothes in fall, check out my original post, 15 Tips for Wearing Summer Clothes in Fall.

Black and White Dress: Thrifted, $6.
Black Sweater: Old Navy, $20.
Yellow Beret: Charlotte Russe, $3.

Yellow Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, apx. $5.

Silver Vintage Earrings

Silver Vintage Mood Ring

Silver and Black Ring

Vintage Green Beaded Bracelet

Pink and Black Bracelet: $4, Carole, Inc.

Yellow Tote Bag: Target, apx. $12.

Silver Glitter Heels: Bonniebelle, apx. $10.


  1. Cool tips, I agree definitely don't forget the colour when it gets colder. You should embrace colour rather than sticking to greys and blacks all the time.


  2. Cute beret!
    And I agree with you, just because the weather is getting colder, doesn't mean we have to give up bright/fun colors.

    Couture Me: lorenachouza.wordpress.com

  3. Love your outfit, the glitter heels are so fun!


  4. Those glittery heels are AY-MAY-ZING.

    p.s. I came here through IFB's Buddy Group ^_^

  5. i love the charlotte russe items i wish they sold them in the uk :/

  6. Have you tried looking online? I'm pretty sure they have an online store and you could probably even find coupon codes somewhere!

  7. Ooh! They yellow definitely spices up the outfit! Great job!!

    ~ Katie (another Charlotte Russe fan ;-D)

  8. Thanks for all the comments! I know I hate giving up colors in winter. I love trying to incorporate bright colors into cool-weather outfits. And Charlotte Russe really is great, isn't it? I love all the deals I can find there!