Outfit du Jour: Gatekeeper

Outfit du Jour:

Jeans: L.E.I., apx. $25. These were my favorite jeans my sophomore year of high school...and I'm pretty sure I've worn them maybe once since then but I keep hanging on to them for some reason. I've been wanting some new black jeans lately, but these will have to do for now. At least they're already faded out and hemmed for me.
Shirt: Charlotte Russe, apx. $10.
Trench Coat: Chime, apx. $35.
Headband: Mudd, $5.50.

Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, apx. $5.

Silver Foil Leaf Earrings: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Black Seed Bead Bib Necklace: JCPenney's, $20.

Black and White Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Silver Ring with Clear Stone: I'm blanking on where I got this; It'll come to me and I'll post it later.

Vintage Mood Ring: This was my mom's...

Elvis Tote Bag: Made from the sleeve of Elvis' Sun Years;My mom got me this a while back.

Black Flats: Capelli New York, apx. $10.

I know this outfit is a little random...Trench coat, feathered headband, yellow sunglasses, Elvis tote, black jeans, but somehow, all together, I like it. I think it's just the unexpectedness of it. And the yellow accessories along with the headband really add a new dimension to the coat.

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