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Outfit du Jour:

Lazy, rainy Saturday...Not feeling very much like pictures today...

Jeans:Arizona, apx. $20.

Grey and White T-Shirt: Express, $10.

Green Sweater with Bell Sleeves: Charlotte Russe, apx. $5.

Black Glitter Headband: 1/5 of a package from Rugged Warehouse, $3.

Sunglasses: from Rugged Warehouse, apx. $3. I love these...The white stripes at the top remind me of the eyebrows on a Wii character. Not sure why I'd want to look like a Wii character, but anyway...

Gunmental Silver Post Earrings: 1/3 of a package, Carole, Inc. $4.

Vintage White Beaded Necklace: I don't remember where I got this at all. I've had it forever. It was one of my favorite necklaces in high school. I wore it constantly and hadn't in a long time, so I figured it was time to bring it back out.

Vintage Mood Ring: This was my mom's. I still am not sure it really changes colors, but I like it anyway.

Silver and Black Ring with Rope Band: My grandparents gave me this a couple years ago and I really love it. I've started wearing it quite a bit lately. I really love the details.

Silver Hammered Bracelet: I've had this for years, I wish I could remember where I got it, but I can't. I'm starting to keep track of all my new purchases, especially the things I find in thrift stores so that I can always have a price to list for things in the future.

Silver Vintage Clutch: thrifted at a Unique Thrift Store, apx. $5. I carried this clutch to my friend Brittany's wedding a few months ago and I hadn't carried it in quite a while. The silver coating was rubbing off on the bottom, so I took a silver permanent marker to it...good as new!

Black Converse High Tops: Thrifted at a Goodwill, $3. Mardi really likes shoes for some reason.

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