After a couple of years without blogging, and being stuck at home in limbo while looking for a job after graduating, I decided to bring back my music blog, RockNScroll, and to start this new blog where I talk about something else I really love---clothes and fashion. People are always asking me where I have found things I wear, so this blog is going to answer that question. This blog is a glimpse into my closet, a look at my philosophy for putting together outfits and a place where I can share information on the latest bargains I’ve found. I’d love to hear any feedback or questions you have. Without further ado…this was tonight’s outfit. I was feeling a little mod and enjoying the rainy evening.

Hopefully I'll figure out how to arrange the photos better as I work on the blog. This is a vintage plastic raincoat from the 1960s. It was actually something my grandmother had, so I lucked into finding it. The black dress I'm wearing under it is something I found at Old Navy for $4. I love it because it's so simple and has pockets. The tights are actually silver, though they look kind of white in the pictures. The shoes I'm wearing are Betsey Johnson booties that I picked up at the Zappo's Outlet for about $60. All of the necklaces are vintage ones that were given to me except for the cross, which was a gift but is actually handmade from an old spoon. I'm wearing a spoon ring that matches it too. The earrings, which are pictured with the rings, I was actually wearing but I don't think they showed up in any photos. They're vintage love knots that were my mom's. The rings---left to right---are a large black stone set in an adjustable silver band, a gift, the vintage spoon ring, also a gift, a silver ring with a big clear, fake stone, I got that at Forever 21 years ago. The last one is a vintage mood ring that was actually my mom's too. The silver clutch seen in the photos is vintage as well. I picked it up for about $5 at a Unique Thrift Store several years ago.

I'm sorry that the information isn't listed right with the photos, but I think I'm starting to understand how to arrange it all, so I'll try to make tomorrow's post a bit more organized. I'd love to hear from you if you have questions or comments!


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