Dress: Vintage Express, free at Clothing Swap. Belt: Vintage, gift. Kimono: Angie, $17 at TJ Maxx. Purse: F21, 75 cents at Goodwill Outlet. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, apx. $50 from eBay.

Hat: Mossimo from Target, $11. Necklace: Thrifted, $1 from Yard Sale.

Rings, L-R: F21, Gift. F21, apx. $3. F21, $4. F21 (I think), set of 5 for about $6.

I'm embarrassed at how much I for real test all my makeup out on my mirror. Ha. Surely I'm not the only person who does this?

Let's talk about this outfit:

I wore this to hear the amazing Thelma & the Sleaze play the other night. 

Dress: I picked up this dress at a Clothing Swap that happens in my neighborhood. It's the coolest thing around and if you're in East Nashville, you need to go. You drop off unwanted items earlier in the week, then show up and pick out whatever clothes you want! This dress is vintage 90s Express. It's basically a mid-length body con but I like it shorter (always), so I just belted it. It has the cutest little key hole cut out in the back and it has a little turtleneck. I know I'm going to be wearing it all the time.

Kimono: Here's something pretty cool I learned last spring...Have you ever seen the brand Angie? They usually make very boho printed dresses that look like beach cover ups and there are always about a million of them at Goodwills here in Nashville. They're usually pretty cute and some of them have beading, etc. Well, it seems like their clothes might sometimes be Urban Outfitters items relabeled. This EXACT kimono was selling on UO's website last year for over $80. And I found it with an "Angie" label at TJ Maxx for $17. I bought it in two different prints, of course.

BELT: I wear this belt enough that it's probably time to give it up. But I can't. I love wearing it to give a waist to all my dresses and it's got such a cool vintage feel. It belonged to my great aunt Alta, who had great taste, and I inherited it, along with some dresses and a ton of jewelry. It's a staple of my closet.

HAT: We've talked about this in a previous post. This is my go-to hat and has been since the Spring. It matches everything and was on clearance for $11 at Target.

NECKLACE: I got this gold beaded necklace at a yard sale for $1. I'm almost certain (because of how it's made, etc.) that it came from Urban or Anthropolgie or somewhere like that, but I've never found another one to know for sure.

SHOES: My black Litas. I almost exclusively where Jeffrey Campbells when I go out, particularly at night. These were about $50 on eBay and I have them in six colors. Somehow I always end up wearing the black ones though.

RINGS: That one I took a separate photo of, with the crack in it? That was my lucky ring in college. I pull it out occasionally when I feel like I might need a little extra luck.

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