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Thursdays are for Thrifters is back, ya'll! We're finally making this thing happen. (Though I'm 4 days behind on an outfit post I had planned. I'm gonna get there!) Show me what you've thrifted. Here's my bargain of the century haul and a little story behind it...

I was never really a fan of Plato's Closet. I had been in a few times when I was younger and I just didn't quite get it. But I went in one recently and holy moly...I wanted to move right on in. So, I picked out all my stuff (witchy, lace hi-lo dress, high waisted velvet leggings) and when I was checking out, I qualified for a VIP pass to their bag sale. Now, I had never been to a bag sale and I thought they were kinda just a shopping urban legend. Well, I was wrong. They exist. And they're super fun! My friend Mackenzi and I got to go an hour early thanks to the pass, and Plato's let us fill as many bags with their clearance items as we wanted, for $20 a bag. I ended up with two bags, a total of 39 items (I think) for $40. Now, these aren't my absolute favorite items I've ever owned, but they are some staples that I can definitely get use out of and will wear quite a bit. I had a really great time at this sale and after totaling the original prices, realized that I paid less than 10% of Plato's Closet's cost (imagine if these were retail prices!) and got over $400 in their merchandise for $40. And now that I have some cute shorts, I have a reason to get myself into shape (that's how it works, right?) Please excuse that some of these photos are kinda awful, I'm working with my iPhone right now.

I'm missing pictures of a few things (those awesome tan and blue Free People jeans in the folded photo, some great black riding pants, houndstooth American Apparel hot pants, American Eagle maroon cut off shorts...) but you'll get the basic idea.

You can get way more than you think into a little shopping bag if you roll it all up.

Chelsea & Violet Floral Top, originally $14.

Lucky Brand Paisley and Floral Top, Originally $13.

Posh paisley top, originally $8.

Forever21 top, originally $7.

Forever21 sweater top, originally $7.

Love J top, originally $5.

Missoni for Target, originally $13.

Forever21 ruffle vest, originally $9.

Charming Charlie top, originally $8.

shoes, originally $9.

(Okay, lemme be honest. This was not part of the bag sale. It's the one impulse item I bought that day, but I love.) Lulu bag, $8.

Hot Kiss floral jeans, originally $8.

close up of the floral detail

Mossimo jeans, originally $12.

Levi's jeans, originally $11.

Fire jeans, originally $13. (Jagger likes this pair apparently.)

H81 (Forever21) stretch waist jeans, originally $13.

XXI Denim (F21), originally $9.

Forever21 skirt, originally $6.

Ecote skirt, originally $10.

American Eagle skirt, originally $8.

Belt, no brand. originally $4.

BKE vintage denim lace up shorts, originally 13.

Sacred Blue sequined skirt, originally $11.

Just Ginger lace shorts, originally $10.

Silence & Noise studded skirt, originally $10.

Maxi Dress, originally $13.

This tag was on my maxi dress. It's my life attitude too!

Xhileration top, originally $5.

Free People jeans, originally $25.

Nike running shorts (I think these are actually little boys' shorts), originally $12.

Rue21 shiny blue denim, originally $8.

Lip Service jeans, originally $9.

cute little pockets on these jeans :)

Else jeans, originally $15. (The photo cannot do justice to these jeans. They're almost turquoise and they're super soft and high waisted. love them so.) 

Forever21 high waisted black shorts, originally $6.

zippered back of the high waisted shorts

MimiChica high waisted shorts, originally $7.

What have you been thrifting lately???

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