reachin' out...


Alright my lovely bloggin' friends, I'm in the midst of hatching a little comeback for Brass in Pocket. I've got the blog up and going again (though, as you can see, not on the right server). I'm working on a plan for doing pictures, getting you guys some fresh content, and maybe even securing a new photographer.

But, first, I need a little help. I've always been able to count on my friends and readers for blogging help and advice, and now I need a little of both.

So here's what I'm wondering:

1.) Has anybody else had problems with a Google server and forwarding your blog? This is a technical thing, but it's a huge hurdle for me right now. I haven't had these kinds of problems with it in the past.

2.) What would you like to see here? More Thursdays are for Thrifters? I definitely want to include them. What about fashion features? Guest fashion stars? My outfits? What about outfit inspiration? I have some ideas in the works for all of these things, so let me know what you'd want to read/see.

3.) How do you balance your full time job/life/blog, etc? When I was blogging before, it was my full time job. Now, I have a day job, and I'm working on a couple different projects as well. So, how do you balance it all? How important do you think it is to have fresh content everyday?

I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!


  1. How lovely that you are back! Welcome back to the blogosphere! One of these days I was thinking that you were doing such a long pause, and I did think you would come back one day - and here you are! I also had a fresh start! Well, how I balance the blog and my daily chores... it's difficult. I have loads of ideas, and end up just postponing them... maybe one day it'll all come true!