weird and wonderful

I've been wanting to tie up the side of a dress for a while now. I got this idea from Pinterest (of course) when I saw someone who had tied the bottom of a long dress to keep it from dragging the ground. I decided to tie up a short one and I kinda like it. I know it's a little hard to see the print on the dress (I've been playing with my photos lots over the last couple days) but it's a weird graphic computer-y tribal print. Weird and wonderful.
Dress: from Ruged Wearhouse, $7., Sweater: Charlotte Russe, apx. $10., Hat: Charlotte Russe, $14.
Earrings: F21, set of two for $1.50.
Ring: F21, $5.
Ring: Lucky, $50.
Vintage Bag: Thrifted, $4.
Boots: Nine West, $30.


  1. i love the dreaminess and the dimensions your photos seem to take us.



  2. Beautiful blog :)
    Did you thrift all this stuff?