outfit du jour: second option

Since Picnik closed recently, I haven't known what editor to use for my blog photos. I didn't think Picnik could be replaced but I think I found something that I like even more. For you guys that are in the same boat as me, I highly suggest trying out Pixlr . It has great effects and I can't stop playing with all my photos. So, today you get two! Also, this outfit kind of makes me feel like a 1920s aviator? In a good way.
Vintage Pants: Thrifted, $3., Vintage Blouse: Thrifted, $2.50., Faux Leather Jacket: Wet Seal, $20.
Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, $1.
Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $4.
Ring: F21, $3.
Ring: Charlotte Russe, $2.
Bag: Charlotte Russe, $2.
Boots: Nine West (seconds), $30.


  1. Very cool retro vibe! I like your debonair pose.

  2. I love the outfit! And I'm glad Pixlr is working out for you, I really like it too.

  3. Love your color inhanced photo...and the pose also. Thanks for the tip about Pixir. Must try it.

  4. Oh, the outfit does have an Amelia Earhardt vibe to it. Really, really cool outfit! Love it.
    Thanks for the suggestion on the photo editor. I am off to check it out right now.

  5. I am glad that you found another photo editing software. I like the vintage filters...it adds a soft and romantic touch. Nice flared pants...so roomy and comfy. Looks pretty with a detailed blouse.


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  7. Ive turned to Pixlr after picnik closed also. I personally love it, and your photos look fantastic! can't wait to read more of your blog(:

    much love,
    Lauren xoxo