outfit du jour: new year's eve

Last night, after factoring in the windchill, it was about six degrees here. That means it was too cold to stand outside trying to think of something creative to do in my pictures, but I did manage to take a few basic ones. I recreated what I wore on New Years Eve for you. I've been saving this dress for a really special occasion for over a year now. I finally decided to just wear it. When I bought it was almost floor-length and looked super '80s, but I loved the print, so I had it hemmed and I think it has a '50s look about it now.

Vintage Dress: $35., Sweater: Old Navy, $20.

Actually a real picture from New Year's Eve. 6 a.m. coffee.

Vintage Love Know Earrings: Secondhand, Gift.

Necklace: Gift.

Ring: F21, Gift.

Ring: Gift.

Bag: from JCPenney's, apx. $30.

Shoes: Bonniebell, $10.


  1. OH I WANT THOSE SHOES!! I really, really, NEED some sparkly heels:)
    Those colors are beautiful and you look fab.
    Can't believe you were up at 6am still! I could totally imagine that pre-kids though:)
    Happy New Year!

  2. That dress makes a super cute tea-length dress. Well done hemming it up! That print is fab.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Look like we wore similiar shoes and at the the same price!!!! *SWEET*

  4. Your necklace is so pretty! And I love that you hemmed your dress to be more what you wanted - that is awesome!!

  5. Happy New Years. I would like to steal those glittery shoes!

  6. Happy new year!! I love the colors in that dress!

  7. Happy New Year!
    Drastic cold here , i am home in front of the heater an d can not get warm, so i know the feeling!
    Bit hard for us girls to be creative in the North Pole!
    This is a nice dress, lovely look on you

  8. Cute Dress. It super cold here in Michigan.

  9. This is a very sweet look on you. I hope you had a great new years eve. So click your heels together 3 times and hope over to my new link up!

  10. Wow, that dress is gorgeous, and the beautiful necklace and glittery pumps are the perfect accessories. I hope you had a great New Year's Eve!

  11. oh you in blue meagan! i'm talking about your blue dress. i have a silver purse too, but it has ruffles instead of a buckle. very pretty sparkle glitter shoes.

  12. Happy New Year! You look good for being up at 6am girl!

    Love your outfit! but what outfit do I not like of yours???

  13. LOVE the dress, the new length is really lovely. I wore really similar shoes out for new years, so I think those are awesome too. ;)

  14. I love the colors of the dress and the shoes are adorable :)

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  16. I love your dress and what you did with it is so cool! It looks very 2012! I love the print and the colors look great on you. As always, amazing accessories.

  17. love your posts!!!!! great outfit¡¡


  18. love the glitter shoes and such a pretty vintage dress! hope you had a lovely xmas and new year
    XX Ilana


  19. you look so adorable and festive, little lady :)

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