outfit du jour: faded

Everytime I try to take indoor pictures, they just turn out horrible. There's not really a good place to take them in my house and I decided yesterday to try taking them next to this shelf...but no, that didn't work. I was originally standing up, but I just didn't like them, so I sat down and played with Mardi instead. I guess this just means that from now on I have to actually brave the cold and go outside to do photos.

Don't forget that it isn't too late to show off your recent finds at this week's
Thursdays are for Thrifters link up!

Oh, and I had originally worn this so that I could participate in Bloggers Do it Better: Sequins (see, there are sequins on my sweater), but I'm not really a fan of asking participants to put a button in their sidebar, so I'm not going to do that. I'm just a non-participating participant this time, and I'll be checking everybody else's sequined looks out too!

Floral Shirt: Charlotte Russe, apx. $10., Sweater: Gift., Blue Pants: Arizona, apx. $25., Socks: Betsey Johnson, Gift.

Vintage Love Knot Earrings: Secondhand, Gift.

Ring: F21, Gift.

Ring: F21, $6.

Shoes: Betsey Johnson, $20.


  1. I will participate next week definitely. I am just swamped with things this week. I love your outfit and sock with rockin shoes is the bomb diggity. Love and inspired. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo..ps i love cats too.

  2. Indoor pictures can be such a challenge. Fortunately I found a decent light setting on my camera since it's so dark in the mornings when I'm getting dressed, outdoors is just not an option right now!

  3. oh your betsey johnson shoes!!! i don't know how to do those blog button things anyway. i'm surprised i even know how to turn the computer on. ;) have a good weekend meagan girl!

  4. It is tricky getting photos indoors. I recently discovered an OED setting on my Sony Cybershot and it has helped immensely.

  5. Your socks are oh so fun and your kitty- awwww I love him/her :)

  6. I love your outfit! Your socks are stunning! :)

  7. I LOVE the ring, SHOES, and the picture of you and your cat :)

  8. Love that ring!!!

  9. The shoes are amazing so much in trend!

  10. love the shoes! haha I just did an indoor post today because I wanted a plain white background and regretted it later since I forgot to take the carpet into consideration xD


  11. your indoor pictures don't look so bad, in fact it has the vintage look. Really like your hair. The socks are really cute with the outfit. I like the shoes too the sparkles are lovely!


  12. Ahhh those shoes are amazing and I totally agree about taking pictures inside- mine NEVER come out. My house is the worst for it.

  13. Meagan, thanks so much for leaving some love on my blog with such a lovely comment!I'm glad you liked my outfit! I have to say, those shoes are great! The glitter heel makes me fall in love! Also your accessories I find adorable!

    following you from now on, happy blogging!

    xoxo, Jacqueline

    Mannequin de Vitrine