For the past year or so, I’ve been keeping a little secret from all my readers. Like 60% of adults, I wear glasses. I’ve had to wear glasses since I was 11 and I’ve always struggled with my feelings about them.

The first time I had eyeglasses, I’d wear them in class, then shove them in my pocket as I walked down the hall, hoping to hide it from as many people as possible. As my vision worsened though, I began having to wear them full time and before starting high school I decided that I had to have contacts.

Contacts worked great for me, except that I was involved in a lot of activities in school and would always end up needing to wear my glasses, especially when I had to stay over night at different times. I found a pair of black plastic, thick-framed glasses that worked, but I still never felt comfortable in them.

Eventually, in college, I found a pair of vintage ‘60s cat-eye, rhinestone encrusted eyeglasses frames that I adored. The problem was that the old plastic was incredibly brittle and they eventually broke.

Since then, I’ve been unable to commit to a pair. Being ever thrifty, I have a real problem with the steep price of new glasses and I have a hard time paying $40+ for a vintage pair that’s only going to break. So, for over a year now, I’ve pretty much only been wearing contacts and occasionally borrowing a pair of my mother’s old glasses that I happen to be able to see out of (how embarrassing is that? And no, they’re not cute, because if they were, I would have just decided to keep them long ago).

But now I’ve stumbled across a solution. If you’re searching for glasses online, GlassesUSA offers a wide range of inexpensive eyeglasses, and even some really cute vintage-inspired pairs. I’m pretty sure they have something for everyone, and they’re even offering some pretty generous discounts on their already low prices.

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GlassesUSA has made what to do about getting new glasses a little clearer!

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  1. OMG GO to this link! These are PERECT for you xP

    This isn't even my store, but when I saw them I automatically thought of you :P

  2. are you going to show us your glasses then, or is it a secret?

  3. So this sounds terrible, but I love wearing fake glasses. It's sort of a look. Phew- that was hard to say!

    But I do love a good cat eye look, I'm sure they looked fab on you!

    xo Carlina