One Year Blog Anniversary and Vintage Giveaway

Tomorrrow will be my blog's one year anniversary. It's hard to believe that I've been documenting my outfits for a year now. I want to keep the celebration pretty simple. I just want to do two things. I want to share some of my favorite outfits of the last year with you and I want to host a little giveaway. Information and rules for the giveaway follow the outfit pictures. I'm also going to be taking about a week off from blogging and making some changes to the blog and getting ready for another year, so if you don't see any blog posts for the next week or so, that's why. I'll be back soon!

An outfit from my very first month of blogging. I love this vintage slip showing under the dress and how come I never wear these bracelets anymore?

Pretty sure I hated this outfit when I took the photos...I really think I like it now. Or maybe I just like that my hair is actually done.

It was *freezing* when I took this one but anything for an outfit photo, right? I really loved the combination of purples.

I might only love this one because I wore it to a local record store's sidewalk sale and came home with a lot (but not nearly enough) of new stuff.

Pretty much any outfit that involves this coat would be on my favorites list. I thrifted it for $7 and I'm pretty sure it was originally from wal-mart but whatever. It's kind of coat perfection.

Loved these tan trouser pants with the shiny shirt. Maybe my favorite outfit of the year.

Grey on grey...went through a grey phase.

This outfit is just...weird, I know. But what can I say? I like weird things and I *needed* to find a way to wear a summery dress when I bought it in the late fall.

Mixing patterns, mixing necklaces...I don't know. I just love it.

That vintage coat and that hat make me a very happy girl.

Simple, but these hoots and berets tend to become my winter uniform.

Goofy picture but simple, wearable outfit.

One of my favorite Goodwill sweaters ever...and I have a lot of Goodwill sweaters.

Leopard on leopard...did this for a pattern challenge. I wasn't sure what to wear but when I put this together, it really seemed to work.

Missoni-esque skirt, Nine West booties, brown tights, denim shirts, feather hat...all things I was obsessed with (or maybe still am) for a while.

$5 Goodwill dress. not so old but people actually thought it was vintage.

This is another one that might be a favorite of the year. I can never get enough of black and brown together.

Shredded tank top, black skinnies/jeggings/whatever. So simple but I liked it.

This 50 cents dress has become one of my go-tos.

Found these amazing flared, wide leg jeans in a consignment shop and can't stop wearing them. Combined with the off the shoulder tunic (belted for shape), vintage Aigner bucket bag (I'm kinda in love with vintage Aigner) and my mom's old clogs...just love.


To celebrate my blog's anniversary and my love of vintage, I want to give someone the opportunity to pick any one item they want from my vintage store. Some of the dresses in the store are selling for $80 (and may be worth more) but could be yours for free! A winner will be drawn via one week from today.

Here are the rules:

1. Visit my vintage store here: Spunky Chateau Vintage Store and pick out your favorite item.
2. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect or bloglovin'. (You must be a follower to win.)
3. Leave a comment letting me know which item you would choose, your name and your e-mail address.


  1. Happy anniversary! You do a great job, both on fashion and on blogging. Enjoy your break. (I already follow you, and you don't need to enter me in the giveaway but that is incredibly generous of you!)

  2. Congrats to one year!!!! *FIREWORKS*

    I would love to be a WINNER!!!! I like the Vintage Black Beaded Cocktail Dress… it’s beautiful!!!!

    Also, all your looks are just lovely... enjoy your break & we will be right here when you return!!!! :D

  3. Congrats on the 1 year. You find some amazing piece at the thrift store.

  4. What a generous giveaway! Congratulations on hitting the one-year mark. I love the green straw clutch on your site.

    I love the outfit roundup too. I'm partially to your shiny shirt, vintage coat/hat, and Missoni-ish skirt ones!

  5. I love the green clutch! that is what I would pick if I won!

    the Joyful Thrifter

  6. So I know that it is only 10$, so I might have to buy it even if I DON'T win. But I really love this
    Vintage Black and Copper Diamond Patterned and Floral Sweater

  7. so fun to see some of your past styles before i followed your blog! you have some great vintage pieces!!! i'm a GFC follower and my fave pieces are the handmade polka dot dress and the handmade vintage pattern dress! Love them!

    congrats on your blog anniversary!!!

  8. Happpy anniversary to your blog! I love the past outfits you posted here, especially the red polka dress and that black on brown outfit post. Here's to more amazing outfit posts and success of your Vintage store!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  9. Congratulations & Happy Anniversary to you!!! I'm so excited for you. You always have amazing outfits :)

  10. Congratulations girl!! Wow, 1 year. Glad you are still posting, loving your blog!

    I would love the black and white romper!!

  11. Happy aniversary!!! Congrats! I love your blog ans I like all your Outfits! ;)

  12. Congrats on sticking with it for a year. You have some really lovely coats. I think my favorite look is the gold top with the camel trousers.

  13. Congrats! on your 1yr...I love the cityscape Tee. Loving blk&wht right now :)

  14. Well first of all, happy blog-aversary!! I love all of these looks, but I think the purple pants look is my favorite! And my favorite item in the shop is the red and white vintage skirt! (And I'm a GFC follower)

  15. Happy birthday to your blog, how exciting!!!
    I love this review of outfits - some of my favs (hard to choose) are those retro purple pants, all your awesome coats, vintage or otherwise - that one you think is from walmart is so Almost Famous! also really dig the missoni-esque skirt outfit
    Can't wait to see the changes you make :)

  16. there have been some great outfits here, meagan! congratulations on your first year!!!

    pandaphilia fashion
    jewelry giveaway

  17. Angie (GFC)
    email: pandaphilia1 [at] gmail [dot] com
    Fave item:

  18. happy blog birthday! what a big accomplishment! i've only been blogging since may and i know how time consuming it is!

  19. Congrats honey! looking to all these photos and have to say that you have an amazing vintage style I have been enjoying reading your blog from february :) I love to see more to come! enjoy your free blogging week! xx

  20. happy anniversary! You've grown by leaps and bounds in just a year. You have a fabulous style that is uniquely yours, and a sweet personality. That 50 cents dress that definitely leaves a great impression. Have a good break, will miss your posts, hope you come back soon! I love the green clutch but I think it's too expensive to for you to mail it :-) Thanks for your lovely thoughts for me by the way, you have been so kind and sweet, I'm so glad to know you.


  21. Congrats on your one year, my dear! How very exciting for you. I can only hope Sara and I are able to keep this up for half as long, lol. You style for the past year has been amazing. Isn't it fun to go back through and see how much you've changed? I love doing that. :)
    How very awesome of you to do a giveaway. I hope the winner really enjoys what they chose. :)


  22. Happy blogversary! Love the outfits.;)

  23. Hey missy! Congrats on hitting one year, amazing how time flies isn't it? Good luck on the revamp, can't wait to see what changes you come up with!

    Never entered a giveaway before, what the hell, let's make it my first! I will have to agree with some of the other fine ladies that green clutch is bomb! (yes totally tubular!)

  24. amazing Meagan congratulations! your blog has come so far! can't wait to see the changes you make!
    XX Ilana

  25. Happy Anniversary! That is so exciting for you and Spunky Chateau. Hopefully I will be enjoying your success at my one year mark as well. I lov ethat white Goodwill sweater of yours also!
    I love the multicolored sweater coat and would provide it with a loving home if I win!!

    Faerl Marie

  26. Congrats on the one year, my fav look of yours is the 50 cent dress! Cute hat too :)

  27. I follow via GFC-Paula Giglia
    I love your pieces, especially the jumper!pmgiglia at yahoo dot com

  28. I'm a GFC follower: Ladytink_534

    My favorite item is the Vintage Green Straw Clutch

  29. Wow.. Happy one year anniversary!
    I ♥ all of your fave outfit :)


  30. OK shorty, your week or so is up! You have to help me. I posted my first link up and you would be perfect....If you have time, please come over this weekend to play with us/me?
    One more thing. I read this post before and probably commented on it. For some reason this time I realized I totally love your sense of style with a funky attitude. I'm to old for that but love to see it.
    Hope all is well and Happy Weekend!

  31. What a fabulous giveaway and congrats on your blog's 1 year! I love the black sparkly cocktail dress and the vintage city scape tee on your etsy shop! I'm a follower through gfc :)

  32. I'm such a tool. I just understood what you meant about linking back through your Thursdays are for Thrifters link parties. I will start doing that from now on! Have a great weekend

  33. Meagan, You have amazing style! You are going to go far with your blog; I just know it! Debbie

  34. WOOP WOOP! 1 YEAR! Congrats on such a fun accomplishment! Wish you many more thrifty stylish years to come!
    P.S. I'm linking to your Thursdays are for Thrifters FINALLY!
    P.S.S Even if I dont win, I'm still going to buy that Light Pink & Black Vintage Trench dress!