Thursdays are for Thrifting, week 3

I did a little thrifting this week and am going to post my finds for you guys, as always. But I have an idea to make a few changes to 'Thursdays are for Thrifting' and am curious if anyone is interested in taking part in a little challenge with me? Though I still want to go thrifting and post my hauls, I want to challenge my readers to wear *one* thrifted item each Thursday. If you can wear more, great. If not, just choose one. It can be anything-a dress, pants, even a piece of jewelry or an accessory. If everyone posted their finds and let me know they were participating I'd feature a few looks the following week and link to your blogs. What do you think? Thrifting is good for the environment and your wallet, so how can you say no? If anyone is interested in trying this out, I'll make it official next week and put together a sidebar button and all that jazz. Yes? No? Maybe? Please!

This week's haul:

Tan Tunic Sweater: $2.50.

Grey Sweater: $2.50.

Brown Striped Shirt: $2.50 (This is much cuter in person, I promise. And hey, Mardi likes is, obviously and she has great taste).

Vintage Black and White Bag: $5. I thought I'd use this to carry all my make-up when I travel, you know, cause I travel so much. But seriously, now that I have a proper, adorable case that will hold *all* my make-up, what's stopping me from going anywhere?

Black and Gold Pants: $3.
I can never think of a good way to photograph pants. (I should have hung them up. Duh.) But anyway. They are black with gold sparkley stuff all through them. You know I can't pass up anything shiney. I think I'm going to wear them tucked into my boots and all puffy on top like parachute pants cause they are sort of giant.

Tan Scarf: $1.50.

Black Scarf: $1.50.


  1. Great finds!! I'm specially in love with that pants!! cant wait to see you wear them

  2. What an awesome make up case! Love it! <3

    ~ Katie

  3. Ohh, the black and white bag is gorgeous! I really really like it! :))