outfit du jour: all for myself

More snow today. I'm starting to get so tired of snow. Except that I haven't gotten to go sledding yet this year and I'm determined to go. I've been saving this skirt to wear for a long time. It was a gift and I love all the lace but it's too big for me, so I decided to play around with it and wear it as a dress. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. This was the best picture day in quite a while so I should upload a lot but I don't feel like it really. Instead, I think I'll just curl up under the covers in my Hello Kitty pajamas and get back to reading Wuthering Heights until I fall asleep and dream of all the amazing things I'm going to find thrifting tomorrow.

Skirt worn as dress: Ann Taylor, Gift.
Rings: Charlotte Russe & F21.
Sweater: Old Navy, $4.
Vintage Necklace: Secondhand, Gift.
Earrings: Carole, Inc., set of three for $4.
Hat: Urban Outfitters, $5.

Bag: Charlotte Russe, $10.

Boots: Secondhand, Gift.


  1. I completely agree with too much snow and being lazy..I need to go back to thrifting, there is one skirt that I've wanted but wasnt able to get it because I'm way too lazy to drive with the snow everywhere on the ground.
    Cant believe your outfit black and brown worked really good, I love it

  2. gorgeous outfit!


  3. very nice look :)
    btw there is a modekungen giveaway on my blog :)
    have a nice day!