CSN Stores Funtasma Shoe Review + Outfit du Jour: Valentine's Day!

These are the Funtasma Glitter Mary Jane's that I received from CSN stores a few days ago. So, here goes the short review: They're *super* cute but the bottoms aren't very level, so, it constantly feels like there's something stuck to the bottom of your shoe, which isn't ideal in platforms. The glitter is rough and sticks to everything. The straps are not very pliable because of all the glitter. However, all that said. I still really like them. They're pretty easy to walk in and aren't super heavy.

My gorgeous valentine's day dates
What I was wearing: Funtasma Glitter Mary Jane's, $35 (free) from CSN Stores, Tyte Jeans, $20, Pink Lace Shirt, Xhileration, $7, Black Shirt, Old Navy, apx. $10, Vintage Leather Trench Coat, Thrifted, $5, vintage Leather Clutch, Secondhand, Gift.

Valentine's glitter hearts I made for the girls...

...and cupcakes I made them.

Went to see Dirty Dancing at a refurbished theater...totally awesome. I'm not even that into movies and I can't wait to go back.

Flowers from Cayla!

Goody Bag from Paula!

My all-time favorite valentine who is too cool to give kisses on camera. I promise, she really does love me.


  1. Cool pictures, and great blog ;)

  2. you guys seem to have had the best valentines day ever!www.cocoandolive.blogspot.com

  3. What a sweet VDay plan! It sounds totally perfect, you and your friends are look lovely. And your cat is adoooooorable!!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  4. Aw, your valentines presents look darling! What nice gifts!

    xo, Happy belated Valentines Day!