To Glitter or Not to Glitter Plus Outfit du Jour

I need your opinion. Very soon I'm going to be doing a review for a product sold by CSN Stores. I've decided I want to review shoes, but I can't narrow it down between a pair of glittery mary janes and a suede pair. If you've ever read this blog, you probably know I can't get enough glitter, and while I *love* these glittery shoes, I think the suede ones would be more practical. Which ones do you think I should review? I'll go with the shoes that you all like the most!

Black Fantasma Mary Jane's.

Suede Pleaser Mary Jane's.

What do you think??? It's a tough choice; I know!

And, since I kinda jipped you on an outfit yesterday, here's a quick look at what I wear to take photos at a breakfast this morning.

Black Headband: from Rugged Wearhouse, set of five for $3.
Red Vintage Sunglasses: Secondhand, Gift.
Earrings: Carole, Inc., set of three for $4.
Necklace: Gift.
Black Turtleneck: Attention, $17.
Red Plaid Tunic: Charlotte Russe, apx. $10.
Trouser Jeans: Tyte Jeans, $20.
Black Studded Clogs: Yoki, $12.50.
Black Bag: Thrifted, $3.50.


  1. I love the Black Fantasma Mary Jane's, they are soo cute! I love your outfit, so simple but nice and I like your sunglasses! :) X

  2. I would review on the mary jane glittery one, mostly I think mary jane is making a comeback this year thanks to miu miu
    Anyway I love that jeans of your's I'm so glad bell bottom is in now