outfit du jour: answering machine

Life after the holidays has been pretty mundane so far, but not at all bad. I've been working on some possible new headers for my blog, some ideas to celebrate my blog's big four month anniversary, and working towards getting ready to switch my vintage store over to a new site with a little help from something I got for Christmas (to be unveiled very, very soon). Until it's time to share all that though, you'll have to make do with today's outfit post. Today I paired this simple Anne Taylor skirt I thrifted in Nashville last year with this black leather biker vest I thrifted at my favorite middle-of-nowhere consignment shop. I hope that you can get a good idea of how the embroidered floral print on the skirt looks. It's strange because my fasion sense has always been about more: more glitter, more jewelry, more everything, but lately I've been learning about the importance of simple pieces. Though I don't think I'll ever give up the glitter (I can't wait to be that crazy 90 year old lady in shiny leopard print with 10 cats (wait...is that me now minus 67 years and nine cats? I believe it is...)), I am beginning to appreciate the simple things too. Like non-glittery leopard print and just having one cat.

Tan Skirt: Thrifted, $5.

Black Patterned Tights: Betsey Johnson, Gift.

Brown Turtleneck: Mossimp Supply Co., apx. $10.

Black Leather Vest: Thrifteed, $10.

Silver Headband: from Rugged Wearhouse, set of five for $3.

Sunglasses: Old Navy, $4.

Silver Earrings: Carole Inc., set of three for $4.

Necklace: Gift.

Silver Bracelet: I've had this forever and don't really remember where it came from.

Black Ring: F21, Gift.

Vintage Mood Ring: Secondhand, Gift.

Ring: I've had this forever too and really can't remember where it came from...probably F21.

Brown Vintage Leather Bag: Thrifted, $7.

Tan Leather Boots: Nine West, $30.
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  1. in love with this entire ensemble! especially that purse!

  2. Love your outfit, especially the colour scheme :D!
    Your boots are to die forrrrrrr!

  3. Love the colour of this outfit, the natural browns and your hair is so gorgeous. i wish my hair was wavy! am following you now :)

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  4. love this outfit, really gorgeous! Also your ramblings about the cats really made me giggle! I'm now following you, would love if you'd take a peek at my blog and follow me back :)

  5. That leather fringed waistcoat is awesome - I want one. You have knack of finding truly original pieces :)

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  7. I love those boots!! They are amazing. I will definitely go fan your facebook page when I get off work.

    Kirstin Marie

  8. I love the skirt! And all of your accessories are amazing as well!



  9. hi lovely, thanks for your comment! I don't think there's a problem with my followers button, although that has happened to me before on other peole's blogs...but it worked afterwards so try later maybe!

  10. Great fringe. :)

  11. What a great find! I love that vest! I am so obsessed with fringe right now - I thought it was just jewelry but you're expanding my fringe obsession to clothes too! :)