outfit du jour: guilty

I promise that I actually tried to take good pictures out in the snow today, but it was just way too cold. The windchill was about five degrees and of course I wanted to wear a dress. I'm learning that it's really never too cold to wear dresses. I used to automatically go for pants on cold days, but I'm starting to like wearing dresses when it's cold a lot more. It's worth freezing for, sometimes. Also, I wore some crazy mismatched patterned tights with this dress...and loved it.

Black Turleneck: Attention, $17.

Peacock Print Dress: Poof, $14.

Patterend Tights: George, Gift.

Somehow I never succeed in getting pictures of this hat. Anyway.

Black Hat: Urban Outfitters, $5.

Silver Vintage Earrings: Secondhand, Gift.

DIY Key Necklace with Vintage Piano-Tuning Key on Secondhand Chain.

Hammered Silver Bracelet: I've had it forever and can't remember the details.

Carried this bag but in black.
Black Suede Fringed Bag: Wet Seal, $2.50.

Black Suede Boots: Nine West, $100.
I also want to mention that I hit 70 followers today, which is *amazing.* I know there are people out there with way more than that, but I had very low expectations for this blog and I'm thrilled to have 70 amazing, loyal readers. I love hearing from you and reading your blogs too so please keep spreading the word and commenting; your comments, questions and following mean so much to me!


  1. Congrats on your 70 followers!!

    I'm amazed you are wearing a dress in 5degree weather. I can't even imagine!


  2. Yay for 70 followers! You must be the accessories queen! Love the big bangle!

    Call Me Ishmael

  3. i love that brown little bag :) its cute and lovely! :) ps. thanks for dropping by. im now your follower! follow me back please? :D XXXX ♥


  4. I'm a big fan of hats!!!! And I love your bracelet!!! Adorable!


  5. Lovely pics!!! The floral dress is adorable :) http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  6. Oooh I love the boho feel of this outfit!! <3

    xo www.RavingFashionista.com