Outfit du Jour: World Sick

Today's post is a little late...but with good reason. I've spent all evening cleaning up my new-to-me chest of drawers and moving furniture around to get it to fit in my room. It actually looks great. I'm really happy with how it looks in the room, minus a few little places that need touching up still. Anyway...I hung out with Cayla today and thrifted a white '70s sweater and found a couple pairs of jeggings. Finally. I've been looking for the right ones forever. I wanted to wear something besides leggings and oversized sweaters for once, so I wore an oversized shirt with a sweater over it. I know. First I paired this with black flats but I felt like it needed more substantial shoes. I finally put on the black Stevies loafers and it kinda felt right. These kind of shoes are going to make a comeback soon. I can feel it.

Jeans: Levi's, $35.

Black Oversized Leopard Shirt: She Said..., $10.

Grey and Black Zebra Print Sweater: Express, $10.

Just a close-up of the print on this shirt.

Silver Glitter Headband: set of five for $3 at Rugged Wearhouse.

Silver Vintage Love Knot Earrings: These were my mom's.

Vintage Mood Ring: Also my mom's.

White Glitter and Gunmetal Bracelet: Betsey Johnson.

Black Leather Bag: Thrifted, $3.

Black Leather Loafers: Stevies by Steve Madden, apx. $30.

And this is the '30s art-deco chest of drawers I found at Goodwill yesterday, before getting a thorough cleaning, inside and out.

Knobs...I think these are original and it actually isn't missing any and none are broken.

I think it's going to be the perfect addition to my room!
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  1. Those vintage earring's of your Mom are gorgeous, I've been looking for some like that for the longest time but can only ever find gold!


  2. You're awesome at finding bargains! I love the zebra sweater and the leopard t shirt is a nod to the ones Stella McCartney did a couple of seasons back.


  3. Your hair is gorgeous <3

    I am in love with those loafers. Best pair of loafers EVER.

  4. Becky-Not sure if they have gold, but I heard that H & M has love knot earrings. Might be worth a shot!

    Janine & Cara-Thanks, my hair is actually losing a lot of it's body---time for a body wave soon!

    Arash-Bargains are my strong point! Haha. I love a good bargain and I didn't know about the Stella McCartney, I'll have to Google that!