Outfit du Jour: That's It That's All

Today is the last post in my series of ways to wear summer clothes in fall. I can't believe it's been 15 days already! Today's tip is easy enough...stay warm! Regardless of what you wear this fall and winter, stay warm and have fun with it. Today I paired this sheer sleeveless blouse with a sweater I found at a Goodwill in Nashville a few weeks ago. I saw this on a half price rack and couldn't believe it. Nobody else saw the potential this sweater had? It's hand loomed, and while I'll admit it's a little scratchy with a sleeveless shirt underneath, it's so big and warm that most of the time you'd wear it over long sleeves anyway. Problem solved! Who wouldn't want this sweater? The day I found this particular sweater was the first time I've had any luck with half price racks at Goodwill. They're usually stocked with things I really couldn't imagine anyone wanting...but on this particular trip I hit the jackpot. I found this sweater, a vintage yellow turtleneck sweater, two denim shirts (one Gap, one Lee---different shades of blue), AND a short brown leather skirt. And all of that? Cost me about $11. No joke. I love good Goodwill stores. Anyway, I'm done rambling for now...If you're interested in more ideas for wearing summer clothes all year round, check out my original post, 15 Ways to Wear Summer Clothes in Fall.

Sheer Tan Blouse: City Streets, apx. $20.

Cream Sweater: Thrifted, apx. $3.

Jeans: Levi's, $35.

Gold Earrings: Thrifted, $1.50.

Pearl and Gold Necklace: Vintage.

White and Gold Flower Pin: Thrifted, apx. $3. This came with a necklace that the pin can be attached to. I've had it forever and completely forgot about how it works until today. I'm definitely going to need to wear it with the necklace soon.

Gold Rope Bracelet: Target, $5.

Gold and Pink Leopard Print Heart Ring: Betsey Johnson.

Gold Ring: Vintage.

Black Leather Bag: Thrifted, $3.

Shoes: Stevies by Steve Madden. I've had these since high school and I think they might actually be kids' sized? I have little feet. Anyway, I know they're chunky and wayyy outdated but I've always loved them and I thought "You know if people are wearing clogs I can bring back my black loafers." So, they're coming back. I know I can't be the only who misses this kind of shoe!
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  1. You're very welcome! I hope you find some of them useful!

  2. That sweater is super cute! I'm beginning to like Goodwill - I usually don't have as much luck there as I do at other, independent thrift stores, but I think that was just the one I usually go too.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I do love that dress a lot - and my boots too. I ordered them online since the Charlotte Russe store by me doesn't have all the shoes they have online, and I didn't want to waste a trip down there just to find they didn't have the boots I wanted. :)

    ~ Katie

  3. Are the independent thrift stores you go to usually more expensive than Goodwill? That's what I've found here, though there are a few I really love. Goodwills are hit or miss. Some stores are MUCH better. I've been to some great ones and some terrible ones.

    I love those boots. I'm sure you'll find tons of ways to wear them this fall and winter!