Outfit du Jour: How it Should Be

This is my first Outfit du Jour that I'm doing in conjunction with my 15 Ways to Wear Summer Clothes in Fall post. Today's idea is to use a light jacket that you can wear all day to bring a summer outfit to a new level. I paired a really light weight, structured black jacket that has a few military-esque details with this bell-shaped vintage dress. There are tons of ways to do this, so share your ideas in the comments section and hopefully we'll all gain some new inspiration!

Dress: Vintage, This was actually my mom's dress in about 1982. I'm really lucky that she kept some of her things.

Jacket: Charlotte Russe, $10.

Belt: Grabbed this off a Charlotte Russe dress I have, since the vintage one is missing the belt it came with.

Hat: Vintage, from Tickled Pink, apx. $5.

Sunglasses: Vintage, Thrifted, $3.

Green Post Earrings: F21, $4 for 12 pairs like these with different colors. I never knew how often I would end up wearing these.

Bracelet: Carole, Inc. $4. I know it looks blurry but the floral print on the bracelet is actually pretty blurry. I like it though. It makes it look a little softer.

Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Bag: Chateau, apx. $15.

Black and Wood-Toned Platforms: F21, apx. $10.
Don't forget to comment, follow, and forward to your friends! How would you use a light jacket to transform a summer outfit? What would you do differently?


  1. I love your outfit! I especially love your bag and hat! I have a nice black bag I got from Charlotte Russe Nearly two year ago that I use all the time - unfortunately it is dying, and I am in the market for a suitable replacement. I am envious of yours. >.<

    And that hat is really cool too! I would love to have something like that...

    Anyway, great job on the outfit! Don't you just love Charlotte Russe? It's one of my favorite stores!

    ~ Katie

  2. I do love Charlotte Russe! I always find amazing deals there. I hope you have good luck finding a new bag. I've been digging Old Navy bags a lot lately. I bought several denim ones over the spring/summer that I think I can carry year round. If you really want a bargain though, try a Goodwill! It might take a few tries, but you might find something really unique and affordable.