last night

Jeans: Distressed Levi's, rolled up, $35.
Shirt: Charlotte Russe, apx. $10.

Black Denim Purse: Old Navy, $7.

Gold Glitter Headband: 1/5 of a package from Rugged Wearhouse, apx. $3.

Sunglasses: Vintage.

Earrings: 1/3 of a package, Carole, Inc., apx. $4.

Necklace: Betsey Johnson.

Faux Leather Braided Bracelet: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Owl Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Brown and Gold Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4.

Vintage Gold Ring

Guest Starring Mardi...who doesn't like to get her picture taken...
Shoes: Envy, $8 from Rugged Warehouse. These are gold toned if you can't tell...

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