goodnight bad morning

Jeans: Arizona, apx. $30. I had to have these hemmed and ended up getting a cuff put on the bottom, not sure how well it shows up.
Grey T-Shirt: $3, fromRugged Warehouse.
Necklace: $20, from JCPenenys.
Purse: $5, Charlotte Russe.
White Polka Dot Flowered Headband: $1, Charlotte Russe.
Black Leather Flat Sandals: Steve Madden, $5 from Zappo's Outlet.

Bracelet: 1/6 of a set from Wal-Mart, $5.

Vintage Love-Knot Earrings.

Ring with Black Stone

Vintage-Spoon Ring

Ring with Clear Stone: F21, $4.
It's been a long day...hopefully tomorrow I'll have a better post.

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